There are pots that tell you when to water

When we talk about the needs of irrigation of a plant, many times we say or read that of “checking the humidity of the substrate.” But how do we check it?

There are different means that tell us if the plant needs water. Applying them is easy and we will avoid falling into the consequences of improper watering.

The most typical method for check substrate moisture is to touch it with the back of the hand or insert it and notice if it is dry or wet. Be careful, wet is not soaked.

But there are others:

  • Stick a pencil into the ground. If when removing it, there is a lot attached, the soil remains damp.
  • In terracotta or clay pots, another trick is to tap the pot a few times. If it sounds hollow, you want water; if it sounds solid, it is full.
  • In the market there are humidity measuring instruments, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, which are nailed into the substrate.

Always check that the hole in sewer system of the pot is not obstructed, as there are times when the soil is dry on the surface and, nevertheless, the pot contains water at the base, with fatal consequences for the plant.

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Source – information garden