Decoration of outdoor terraces: Ideas, flooring and privacy

More and more people prefer to have an outdoor area to enjoy when the weather is good. In the real estate sector, homes with terraces are highly sought after. If we are lucky enough to have one, we better take advantage of it. For this, it is very important to use an adequate decoration of exterior terraces to our liking.

This is precisely what this article is about. We will give some ideas on how to decorate a terrace, what type of floor to install and possible solutions that we have to achieve a little more privacy in our outdoor area.

Ideas for decorating outdoor terraces

The decoration for outdoor terraces par excellence are plants

When it comes to decorating our terrace, it is clear that what rules is our taste and the space we have available. Apart from the furniture, what other elements can we place in it? Well, first of all we have the plants. We can choose the ones we like best and place them in hanging pots, planters and in normal pots. In the event that we want ceramic pots, here! you have some ideas on how to decorate them yourselves. Remember that there are pots of different materials and colors, and with patterns or plain, so we can choose the ones we like the most and best combine with the rest.

We can also buy specific decorations for plants, which are buried in the ground inside the pot. These elements are very beautiful and even funny in some things. Besides, there are specific themes such as Halloween, Easter or Christmas. Another option is to make them yourself.

Garden terrace

Apart from these decorations to click, we can also place some small statue on the terraceas long as we like it and fit in with the rest of the environment. It is not uncommon to see a garden sprite on a terrace!

Some items made of cloth, such as rugs and cushions, they make our terrace much more welcoming. The most recommended thing is that these go together in terms of texture and colors. Another way to make our outdoor area more welcoming, at least when the sun begins to go down, is to place garden lanterns, candles or other types of lights. Not only will the feeling of comfort increase, but we will also achieve a romantic and warm atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a summer night.

Decoration of outdoor terraces: Furniture

Although it is true that we tend to think more of plants, pots, statues, etc. when we talk about decorating outdoor terraces, lhe furniture is also essential for everything to be beautiful and harmonious. To choose the right furniture, we must take into account some important aspects so that everything fits:

  • Design: The most advisable thing is that the furniture is of the same design. On many occasions, we can buy ready-made sets.
  • Style: For our terrace to be a nice and pleasant place, it is best that we maintain a single type of style. This could be, for example, rustic, modern, exotic, etc. We can choose the one we like the most. Of course, let’s try that all the elements follow the same style.
  • Color: Also the colors of the furniture, the floor and the decorative elements must go together if we want to have a catalog terrace.
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But what kind of furniture can we have outside? Well, it is important that we acquire weather resistant furniture. We can find out more about garden furniture by clicking here!.

Of course, a table with its chairs must go somewhere, so we can enjoy meals and coffee in our outdoor area. If we have enough space, we can even make a chill out area with armchairs and a garden sofa. Other elements that could look great and help us rest a bit would be loungers and/or some hammock. But remember: We must be aware of the space we have. A crowded terrace with little space for movement can be very overwhelming.

What can I place on the floor of a terrace?

The type of soil is important for the decoration of outdoor terraces

It is not only important to know what objects, furniture and plants to place for a good decoration of outdoor terraces, but also the type of floor. This should fit both in style and color and design with everything else. It is also essential that it meets certain requirements, such as resistance to weather and time. We are going to see a small list of types of floors that we can use so that our terrace looks beautiful and resists constant wear and tear:

outdoor floor

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  • Concrete tiles: Concrete is a very resistant material, ideal for exteriors.
  • Ceramic tiles: Ceramic tiles are really beautiful. But be careful: they cannot be made of any type of ceramic, they have to be made of non-slip ceramic so that we are not scared when the ground is wet, especially in times of rain.
  • Tiles: Floors made of tiles are very simple, beautiful and resistant. Thanks to the small dimensions that they usually have, we can play perfectly with the corners, which will make our work considerably easier when it comes to covering the surface.
  • Clay tiles: If we want the floor of our terrace to resemble the earth, the best option is to use clay tiles. They are very pretty and easy to combine.
  • Add natural stone slabs: Stone slabs look great on patios and terraces and give a rustic touch to the environment. This type of floor is great combined with plants. If we have flowers or shrubs, we can place natural stone slabs around them to further highlight these vegetables.
  • Stone slabs combined with grass: As we have just said, stone slabs make a good combination with plants, so it is not surprising that they look fabulous with artificial grass. We can use them to create a kind of path in the green of the lawn and achieve a nice contrast.
  • stone coating: The good thing about stones is that they will never be affected by the weather or the passage of time. At most they can lose a little color, depending on the type of stone. We can find different types and colors of stones to cover part of the ground, or the entire ground if we want, with them.
  • Combination of different types of stone: Playing with the different colors and types of stones gives us a large number of possibilities. There are marble, river and sea stones, among others. I leave you here! some ideas to decorate the terrace or the garden with stones.
  • Wood: A very classic style is wooden floor. It is practical, it is beautiful and it is easy to combine.
  • With artificial grass: Adding green to the ground is an excellent choice and the advantage of artificial grass is that it does not require the care that real grass needs. In addition, it can be combined with different elements such as stones or wooden tiles.

What to put on the terrace so they don’t see you?

We can get more privacy and at the same time beautify the terrace

Having a good decoration of outdoor terraces is great, as long as we want or can enjoy it. However, on many occasions we are exposed to curious looks from neighbors if we are spending time there. For many people, it is an inconvenience to take into account, because not everyone feels comfortable if they do not have some privacy. But don’t worry, We can solve this little problem in different ways and without our terrace losing its charm.

How to block the view of the neighbor

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  • Parasols and awnings: With these elements we will not only gain privacy, but we will also be able to protect ourselves from the air, the rain and the sun.
  • artificial concealment: Shade nets or artificial hedges. Its installation is quite simple and they give texture and color to our terrace. Of course, we will need outdoor wires and bridles to install the artificial hedges.
  • Lattices: They provide a more aesthetic appearance to the railing or the wall. In addition, they help guide the growth of climbers. They are also an excellent option to divide spaces.
  • Plant barriers: Some examples would be rattan, heather, pine bark, and bamboo. They are very decorative and rustic natural elements. Another option is to create plant walls that can be grown in large pots. Some ideal vegetables for this would be honeysuckle, The grasses or jasmine.
  • Concealment panel with height: A very effective and simple solution is to install a blackout panel on the terrace. These can be made of PVC, wood, polypropylene or metal. Of course, the higher it is, the more privacy we will have.
  • Artificial vertical garden: Apart from being really impressive, vertical gardens are easy to install, 100% recyclable and protect against ultra-violet rays.
  • gazebos and pergolas: They not only protect from the sun and rain, but also from outside eyes. They can be made of steel, aluminum or wood. The best thing about these structures is that we can customize them to our liking.
  • Concealment mesh: They are very resistant to various weather agents as long as they incorporate wind, humidity and anti-UV protection. There are concealment meshes, metallic meshes and plastic meshes.

I hope you liked these ideas and tips! You can tell us in the comments how your decoration of outdoor terraces has turned out.

Decoration of outdoor terraces: Ideas, flooring and privacy

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