How to cover an ugly wall: Ideas and recommendations

On many occasions, when we buy a house with a garden and we have other buildings or land touching ours, it is usually separated by fences or walls. The latter can be unpleasant, careless or simply not fit in with our environment. Luckily there are different methods on how to cover up an ugly wall.

If this is your case, I recommend that you continue reading. We will give some ideas on how to cover up an ugly wall. I hope that you get inspired by the examples that we will name and that you manage to create a space that you completely like.

Ideas on how to cover an ugly wall

Plants, especially vertical gardens, beautify and cover up any ugly wall

The walls of houses or gardens are often unattractive. Either because they are old and consequently look worn and cracked, or because we simply do not like their style or color, thus becoming an annoying and bland element that we do not want at all in our garden or terrace. But don’t worry, With some ideas and imagination we can turn any wall that we don’t like into a highly decorative element.


One of the best options to decorate any corner, furniture or wall are the plants, without a doubt. Its striking colors fill any place with life and increase its beauty. With vegetables we have different options to decorate an ugly wall:

  • Vegetable crowns: Although it is true that they do not last long, unless they are made of plastic, it should be noted that they are extremely decorative and striking. We can buy one at florists or make our own with seasonal foliage. In the event that it is not a dry design crown with eucalyptus and lavender, for example, we must sprinkle it with water so that it maintains its freshness for longer.
  • Climbers: Another great idea to hide an ugly wall is to grow climbing plants on it, such as ivy. They will cover with a beautiful green mantle the wall that we dislike. With the help of lattices We can also cover the wall with another type of plant, but creating a very similar effect.
  • Vertical garden: Apart from being very fashionable, vertical gardens are a great idea to cover up an ugly wall, either completely or partially.
  • tall plants: Some vegetables, such as small trees or bushes, will also serve to cover an ugly wall. We can plant them right in front, either in the ground or in a pot, to hide it behind.


Apart from plants, another natural element that is very decorative is water. But how to cover an ugly wall with this liquid? There are water walls that we can buy in specialized stores. They are basically like fountains, but shaped like a wall. Although it is a fairly simple decorative element, it is very relaxing thanks to the constant sound of the water and the fluid movement that it provides to the eye. Despite being quite a modern style, as it is also a natural element it is easy to combine with any style and turns an ugly wall into something truly amazing.


Cladding is a good option to cover up an ugly wall

Another good option when thinking about how to cover an ugly wall is to cover it. In this way we will ensure that a bland and boring wall becomes a lively and striking element. Of course, the effect we want will depend on the color, tone and type of tile that we are going to use. Of course, it is important that we make sure that the enamel we use is resistant to frost. Here are some coating ideas:

  • Glazed tiles: We will achieve tone variations thanks to the reflection of natural light on the undulating surface.
  • Different forms of tiles: Diamond, hexagonal, or triangular. Thus the finish will be textured.
  • Bricks: We can cover the wall with bricks and leave them as they are or paint them to our liking. An example for a modern environment would be to paint them matte black and combine it with different elements such as furniture, pots and plants.
  • Textured plastic: On many occasions, the wall in question has holes, surface cracks and other imperfections. One of the most recommended methods in this case is to apply textured plastic. Not only will it beautify the wall, but it will also give it hardness and more durability against abrasion. Generally, the ones that look best are those made of natural stone, as it is a material linked to nature. We can choose different colors such as gray, white, ochre, colonial yellow or terracotta. Everything goes to taste.

ornaments and furniture

Of course, we can also resort to decorations and furniture to cover an ugly wall. However, we must remember that if they are going to be outdoors, they have to be made of weather resistant materials, such as stainless steel, stone or rattan. Let’s put some examples of decorations and furniture:

  • laser cut metal panelsto hang on the wall and give it patterns and colors through a contemporary style.
  • Lampposts decorative I already match the rest of the environment to hang on the wall.
  • Statues, fountains, etc. large so that the eyes fall on them and not on the ugly wall.
  • Garden shed or wood for the fireplace and/or barbecue: If we don’t like a wall, we can also simply place something in front of it to cover it.
  • Pergola: We can also place a pergola just in front of the wall and take advantage of it to create a chill out area, with a garden sofa and armchairs. Although the wall will be somewhat covered, it will still be visible. Taking advantage of the structure of the pergola we can cover the wall with fabrics to our liking or hanging plants, for example.

wall art

Mural art cannot be missing from this list. But what is it exactly? These are paintings made on a wall, as if it were a canvas. If we are good at painting, we can create one ourselves with special paint for exterior walls. In the opposite case, we will always have the option of hiring an artist to do it for us, capturing the idea first on paper before transferring it to the wall in question. He left you with some cool wall art ideas:

  • Natural and aquatic settings: Forests, plants, waterfalls, animals, underwater, etc. It will make our garden look bigger.
  • watermark designplaying with colors.
  • Mandalas or mosaicsalso combining different shades, shapes and colors.
  • drawing of the universewith stars and planets. At night it can be very cool combined with a set of leds simulating the brightness of the stars.
  • A window that gives another landscape on a white wall. How about some sea views?
  • Y something funny: Why not draw a realistic door for our guests to confuse? At least the first time…

How to cover an ugly wall: Recommendations

Wall art is a very artistic option to cover up an ugly wall

Now that we have given you some ideas on how to cover up an ugly wall, we are going to give you some tips and tricks to carry out some of the examples that we have mentioned before. In the event that you choose to cover the wall with a vertical garden, it is important to take certain precautions. It is essential that the wall in question is resistant and that we protect it from humidity, if not we will end up charging it. And in the event that we choose climbing plants, it is best that they are not very resistant so that no person can climb them, just in case.

We must also be careful if we have pots attached to the wall. When it comes to watering It is very important to monitor the spillage of water that occurs during this activity, especially if the pots are permanently anchored to the wall. Of course, it is to prevent moisture from seeping in and eventually destroying the wall.

lining the wall

When it comes to covering a wall, there are also a number of aspects that we must take into account so that it goes well. The layer that we are going to place It should not only fulfill a decorative function, but also a protection one. Among the materials that exist for this task we can find artificial or natural stones, plaster, cement, ceramics, tiles and prepared wood. The most important thing when choosing is that it suits our taste, the style of our house and also the budget.

Regarding the coating with textured plastic, In this case, it is very important that the base is clean and smooth. That is to say: No dust, irregularities, cracks or stains of any kind. When applying the product, we must do it in two layers. The first will serve as a base, while the second will give it texture. It should be noted that whatever we use to cover the wall, it must be impermeable to water, as well as permeable to water vapour. In addition, it will be essential to care for and maintain the wall regularly.

You have already met several different ideas about how to cover up an ugly wall. But remember that imagination has no limits. You can take any of the examples that we have mentioned in this article and adapt it to your liking and also combine different options. In the end, it’s all a matter of taste.

How to cover an ugly wall: Ideas and recommendations

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