7 Garden Design Apps for Android and iOS

Today we take our mobile everywhere, and those of us who like plants don’t hesitate for a second to use it to take photos, both of our own to show off on social media (we’re not going to fool ourselves), as well as to ask the doubts that arise. But, can you imagine being able to design your garden, balcony or terrace sitting from anywhere?

In the past, only paper and pencil were available, and although these basic tools can create wonders, it would be a shame not to take advantage of technology to do the same. So Let’s see 7 applications to design gardens from the smartphone.

Garden Design Ideas

If what you are looking for is an application whose photos serve to inspire you, one of the most recommended is Garden Design Ideas. This is an ideal app to create gardens of any style (Japanese, Mediterranean, small, large, etc.), as well as terraces, patios and balconies. You can save the images you like to your device and view them later, as well as share them if you wish.

You have it for Android, plus is freeso if you need inspiration, don’t hesitate to download it.


When you design with plants, you not only have to think about where you are going to put them, but also how to take care of them. With Gardenize you will be able to have them classified, taking into account the type (tree, flower, etc.), as well as by area. What’s more, you will be able to keep a record of all the work you do in your garden, patio or balcony, as well as upload photos and add notes if you wish.

As if this wasn’t enough for you, you will have the option to connect with others who, like you, enjoy gardeningand share the information of your plants with them. It is an app that does not leave you indifferent, and that is also free. It is available for Android and iOS, as well as for desktop.

Home Design 3D Outdoor-Garden

This is one of the best design apps out there. With Home Design 3D Outdoor-Garden you can make a draft including all the elements you want easily and quickly. There are more than 100 objects to choose from: plants, swimming pools, garden furniture, greenhouses and much more. The best thing is that you can see them in both 2D and 3D, so you get an idea of ​​what they would really look like; and if you make a mistake, you just have to undo the action and that’s it.

The only drawback is that it is paid: it costs 4,99 euros. But that’s a reasonable price considering everything you can do with this app. It is available for both Android and iOS.

PictureThis Identify Plant

Have you seen a plant and would like to know its name so you can buy it and include it in the design of your garden or balcony? If so, we invite you to download PictureThis, what works with artificial intelligence and has information on more than 10 plant species. Likewise, it will also be useful for when your crops have a pest or disease, since with it you will be able to identify the problem.

You just have to take a photo with the app, and voila! You will now be able to read the information you are looking for. It has a free version, which is very good, and a paid version. You have it for Android and Apple (iPhone and iPad).

Planter – Garden Planner

Do you want to design a garden? Then this is your app. With more than 50 edible plants, it will not be difficult to carry out your project. Also, if your favorite is not there, you can add it. It includes information on each of them so that you know their characteristics, as well as their cultivation and care.and not only that: it is an application that is updated regularly, so it is one of those that cannot be missing from your mobile.

It’s free, but for now it’s only in English. Even so, it’s pretty intuitive so you will not have problems creating your garden. It is available for Android e iOS.


Application Plantsss is specially designed for those who, in addition to liking gardening, are also interested in botany. It has files on all kinds of plants: trees, medicinal plants, outdoor plants, horticultural plants… Each of them includes the scientific name, family, characteristics, care and uses so that you can choose the most suitable one for you.

Is freeand it works on both Android and iOS, so we encourage you to download it so you can design the garden (or patio) of your dreams.

PRO Landscape Companion

PRO Landscape Companion is an application that allows you to design, quite realistically, your garden, patio or terrace. You will be able to know exactly how it would look once you planted the plants and put all the elements that interest youalmost as if you saw a photograph of the place.

Of course, more than for mobiles, is intended for use on tablets. But you should know that it is available for both Android and Apple. Is free.

Did you know about these garden design apps? What do you think?

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7 Garden Design Apps for Android and iOS

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