How to care for a rose garden: the keys to enjoy it

Although roses are considered one of the most difficult plants to maintain, the truth is that it is not true. You only need to provide a series of care and be attentive to the pests that can affect them the most. As we like to be useful to you, this time we are going to talk to you about how to care for a rose garden so that you enjoy it for many years, and above all, so that your rose bushes are healthy and give you many roses.

Do you want to know how to do it? Well pay attention to all the information that we give you below.

How many variageis of roses exist

How many varieties of roses are there

Roses are one of the favorite flowers of women and men; They express the love you feel towards a person and are always related to romanticism and eroticism. More than 30.000 different species are known in the world, but the truth is that of that large number of them, only 2000-3000 are for sale; the rest cannot be obtained unless you have a hand with those who cultivate them.

The gardeners themselves make a classification of rose bushes into three large groups: the wild species, that is to say, the roses that bloom in nature (and that we do not know so much about); old roses, which are those that date from before 1867; and modern rose bushes, which are those that have been discovered since 1867.

The latter are the most popular and a rose garden is made up of more than 95% roses of this type. Now, what are they? Specifically, nine subgroups are distinguished:

  • Shrub rose bushes. They are the most similar to the old rose bushes. They are characterized by having a height of between a meter and a half and two and a half meters, and the same interval in width. Its flowers can be single or double, and can be presented individually or in clusters with several roses. Physically they look like a large bush or bush.
  • Hybrid tea roses. They are the group in which you will find the most rose bushes, as well as being the best known, popular and sold. Like the previous one, they are also low shrubs, which do not exceed one meter in height and which bloom throughout the year. Its flowers are large, individual and stand out from the plant as they sprout on the highest branches. You have to bear in mind that there are rose bushes that smell more and others that smell less.
  • Floribunda rose bushes. Also very popular, although not as popular as the previous ones, its roses are smaller and almost always it takes them in clusters, of between 3 and 25 flowers. It is of the bush type and does not exceed 50 cm in height, although in some cases it can reach one meter.
  • Upholstered rose bushes. They are totally different from the ones we have seen so far, because they grow on the ground, without rising too high. Its flowers can be single or double and always in bouquets ranging from 3 to 11 flowers each. Of course, they only appear in summer and autumn, although some of this group do bloom throughout the year.
  • Climbing roses. From some ground we go to others with long stems that are entangled between walls, go, walls, etc. to cover all that part as it grows. These can be large or small flowers, bouquets or that only give an annual bloom.
  • Sarmentous rose bushes. They are also climbing roses that re-bloom (unlike the others, which have a harder time doing so). They have the same characteristics as the others, obtaining groups of roses of between 3 and 20 of them.
  • Grandiflora roses. It is capable of reaching two meters in height, and its development in the first year is very fast, giving flowers somewhat smaller than the group of floribundas and tea hybrids. It is very resistant and is considered one of the most modern rose bushes.
  • Miniature. Its size does not exceed 40 centimeters and they give bouquets of roses of between 3 and 11 flowers, in summer and autumn. They are like rose bushes, but much smaller.
  • Polyantha Rosales. They are shrubs that will give very small roses.

When do the roses bloom

When do the roses bloom

If you are going to take care of a rose garden you should know that rose bushes they bloom all year long if you take good care of them and you give them the conditions to do it. Only for a few months will the plant go into torpor, which will be from January to March, which is when it prepares for spring. But in general, from spring to early winter you could enjoy them.

How to care for a rose garden

How to care for a rose garden

Focusing on what you need to know about how to take care of a rose garden, below we give you the keys so that your rose bushes are always healthy and give you many flowers. Take note because later you could plan to make a rose garden in your home and have a blanket of flowers that will brighten your eyes.

The rose bush, in sun or shade?

If you want the rose bushes to develop healthy and grow a lot, fast … then put them in a place where the sun shinesbut not too much. Rose bushes do not tolerate shady places well, but neither do they tolerate full sun, because some varieties do not withstand high temperatures. So try to place them in a place where it gives a lot of light but without it being too warm.

The best time to plant it

Whether you are making a rose garden from scratch, or you need to replant rose bushes because they have run out, the best time to do it is early fall. This is because the soil is still “warm” from the summer, which makes the roots attach much faster to the ground and thus survive the winter better.

In addition, you make sure that in spring they are already settled and ready to start blooming. Drill holes wide, and fill them in before planting with a high-quality mix of organic matter and soil.

The best way to water the rose garden

To water the rose bushes in the rose garden, it is best make it straight to the ground. Rose bushes need plenty of water, and for long periods of time, that is why pests are common to appear.

You can water with a hose but also, if the garden is large, you could consider automatic drip irrigation or similar.

Beware of pests in the rose garden

Powdery mildew, caterpillars, aphids, snails… they are common in rose bushes, and that is why you have to make sure that they do not attack them. We recommend that you not only be prepared to combat them, but also put remedies to prevent them from appearing.

Liquid pesticides are mostly recommended for aphids, but there will be more (even homemade) remedies to keep pests at bay).


In order for the rose bush to be in full bloom practically all year round, you must have liquid fertilizer and compost to give them the nutrients they need.

Above all, it will require iron, so many use the water to make fried tomatoes to nourish them (which has a great contribution of nutrients for the plants).


Finally, you have to carry out an annual pruning, usually in February, but also one of maintenance all year round, to eliminate the roses that have already withered, the dead branches or that hinder others, the fallen leaves …

Now that you know how to take care of a rose garden, you just have to think about how to design yours and enjoy the varieties of roses you choose and those moments that you will spend taking care of that garden that, when it blooms, will seem magical.

How to care for a rose garden: the keys to enjoy it

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