Small garden decoration: ideas to make the best

Imagine you take a look at your garden. Yes, you know it’s small, but that means it’s cute, that you have a place dedicated to nature that can have a lot of potential. But is it well cared for? If not, or if you think that you are not exploiting that space properly, then we can help you with the decoration of small gardens.

And we are going to propose several ideas to make your small garden look immense and, above all, that it is as well decorated as that of a professional. You will be the envy of the neighborhood.

How to make a nice and cheap garden

When thinking about decorating small gardens, many ideas may come to mind, but you must bear in mind that, having a small space, less is more. In other words, it is better to use the right elements to give the decoration brushstrokes, because if you recharge it too much at the end the only thing that you will get is that it looks uncomfortable.

Also, decorating small gardens doesn’t have to be expensive. You just have to take into account some ideas that can be used to translate them into your space, depending on the personality you want to give it, your style, etc.

Small garden decorating ideas

Small garden decorating ideas

As we know that each person is different and that each of us can like one thing or another, here are some ideas for decorating small gardens that you can copy for your garden.

Take advantage of the edges

Small gardens are often thought to be not big enough to do anything with. But really it’s not so. In this case, we suggest that you leave all the free space, for example with a layer of grass. But in the corners put some decoration. For example, a corner planter, a corner with flowers, etc.

Thus you break with continuity, but at the same time you give it that different touch. Of course, it is better not to decorate all the corners because you will create the effect of closed and recharged.

Use the walls to create vertical gardens

They take a lot and they will be a trend in the coming years, so you can take advantage and, if you have a small garden, you can continue the decoration on one or two walls. We do not recommend that you put it in more because it would be recharging too much.

Regarding the type of decoration, the place grass vertically dotted with some plants. However, you can also opt for rows of hanging pots or even a surface full of colored plants (or of a single color.

Create a flower bed

A flower bed is a delimited space in the garden where you can plant different species and sizes. It is played with that combination of plants giving character to your garden. Of course, we recommend that, in this case, you only do it on a wall. Choose one of the largest and place the small garden in it.

To give it a more beautiful touch, you can decorate with garden stones, which in addition to protecting the substrate and the roots of the plant, it will give you a much more elegant look.

Use wood

Normally when we think of plants two things come to mind: pots or soil. However, what if those pots were actually boundaries on the ground? What if you also did not make them of work but of wood?

While you have to opt for a wood that has been treated (to tolerate humidity, water and inclement weather), the bearing that it will give to the decoration of small gardens is unique, because it gives warmth to the space as well as naturalness.

You can use them decorating a part of the garden, for example from the middle of a wall to the corner.

Small garden decorating ideas

Take advantage of the gaps

Yes, those places that in the end they are useless because you can’t do anything with them. They are the ideal places to give them life with plants. Of course, when thinking about the decoration of small gardens in those spaces, keep in mind what it is like: does the sun shine a lot? Little bit? Any?; Are there currents ?; Is the temperature cold or warm?

Based on all these issues, the choice of plants will be one or the other. This way you make sure that the ones you put will survive.

Minimalist gardens

This is perhaps a premise that we recommend at all times. And it is important that, when decorating small gardens, keep in mind that the space should not be over-decorated, but to make it elegant, cozy and have its accent points. But nothing else.

Choose a space to highlight

In this case, what we propose is that you make a minimalist decoration in the garden Less at one point. It is intended that this space captures attention when you go out to the garden. And that can be achieved with a plant, with a fountain, or with an element that stands out from the rest.

For example, imagine that you have planted species that are short, that barely have a trunk. And all of a sudden there is one with a log. The safest thing is that it stands out.

Bet on a zen garden

Zen gardens are characterized by sand, and not so much by plants (although in some they can be placed). It can be a solution for place in your small garden a haven of peace, while you dedicate yourself to moving the sand and creating ways to relax from a hard day’s work.

Small garden decorating ideas

Fountains and garden stones

If you do not want to have many plants, or the location you have is not ideal for them, you can choose to create a different garden, more oriental with garden stones and a fountain as a central point. Inside the fountain, if it is large, you could introduce aquatic plants that will give it that special finishing touch.

From floor to wall

Imagine that you have allocated a space in your garden to put some plants on the ground. However, those plants are also combined with flower pots that you have built along the wall. In such a way that it seems that all the vegetation flows.

Another option is to place climbing plants, ideal for walls that you want to cover.

As you can see, there are many ideas for decorating small gardens, can you give us any more suggestions?

Small garden decoration: ideas to make the best

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