Urban garden: The best models, buying guide and where to buy it

Who has not ever thought of having their own little garden with various fruits and vegetables? It is a cheap and fresh way to buy these foods so important. In addition, it allows us to ensure that they are one hundred percent ecological, if we wish. However, not everyone has a garden or enough space in it to be able to plant these vegetables. But this problem has a solution thanks to the urban garden.

Urban gardens are basically pots that allow us to grow several plants at the same time in a confined space. With them we can save space and at the same time plant vegetables without having a space with soil in the ground. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic idea for any home. In this article we are going to talk about the best urban gardens and how to acquire them.

? The best urban garden?

Among all the urban gardens we want to highlight this Khomo Gear model for its good evaluations from buyers and its practicality. It is a black vertical planter including four dark brown pots. By having a total of four levels, this urban garden is ideal for balconies and terraces, since it takes up little space but allows more vegetables. The dimensions of this product are as follows: 66 x 76.2 x 167.6 centimeters.


Thanks to its vertical structure, several plants can be grown in a very small space. It is a good option for both balconies and small terraces. In addition, the assembly is quite simple.


Some buyers have complained about holes for the water in the pots, so they do not recommend watering too much or else putting a bucket underneath. Depending on where this urban garden is located, an excess of water in the soil is not desirable.

Selection of urban gardens

If we did not like the best urban garden that we have mentioned above, nothing happens. There are so many more options on the market. We can find different models with different sizes and prices. Next we will comment on the six best urban gardens.

Prosperplast ESPA Urban Garden

We start the list talking about this urban garden of Prosperplast. It is a kind of small greenhouse that takes up little space. Thanks to your nice design with lid, It is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. It has good humidity and ventilation control, which facilitates the growth of plants. The legs are removable. This product is available in anthracite, lime and gray.

PLANTAWA Cultivation Table

Next we are going to comment on this urban garden of Plantawa. It is a sturdy and durable wooden rectangular grow table. It includes a lower tray in which we can store various objects such as tools, instruments and other accessories for our cultivation. Being high, it also increases comfort when handling plants. In addition, this product includes a geotextile mesh to protect the table from water and humidity losses. Another aspect to keep in mind is that has an FSC certificate, which certifies that the wood used for its manufacture comes from ecological forests. The dimensions of this urban garden are as follows: 80 x 78 x 50 centimeters (height x length x width).

Catral 31090015 – Germin urban garden

Also this Catral model cannot be missing from our list. It is a tall wooden urban garden that facilitates the work of the crop and allows it to be handled and treated comfortably. It has a total of six compartments that will help us to differentiate the plants. In addition, it has a tray at the bottom, ideal for storing objects or tools. The measurements of this urban garden are equal to 80 x 60 x 80 centimeters. This product includes a geotextile mesh to hold the land.

SimonRack G07100220212602

Another model to highlight is this one from Simonrack. This sturdy metal urban garden is coated with lead-free powder paint, which prevents rust or scratches. In addition, it is easy to assemble and is at a comfortable height for when we want to treat the plants. It has a shelf at the bottom, ideal for placing tools or other objects. The metal tray is perforated so that the compost can perspire. In terms of capacity, the total of this model is 200 liters and weighs 18,4 kilos. It also offers protection to the ground by means of plastic feet that avoid scratches. Another advantage that this product offers is that Wheels can be added, thus facilitating its transport.

AD services Urban Garden Grow Table with Tray and dividers

We came near the bottom of the list with this urban garden from AD services. Basically It is a cultivation table made of wood. It is very advantageous since it is at a comfortable height to treat the plants. In addition, it has a tray at the bottom where we can place various objects. It has a total of nine compartments that we can use for different vegetables. As for the dimensions, these are the following: 80 x 120 x 80 centimeters.

Click & Grow 9 Smart Garden 9

Finally, we are going to talk a little about this Click & Grow model. It is a very modern urban garden that offers several advantages and facilities, which explains its high price. By means of a low consumption LED lamp it helps the growth of plants. Vegetables are introduced through capsules and you just have to water them. This urban garden includes nine basilisk capsules, but you can buy more types of plants separately. In addition, this manufacturer offers an application that gives ideas and tips for cooking.

Buying guide for an urban garden

There are several aspects that must be taken into account when choosing an urban garden. How much space do we have available and do we need? What is the urban garden that interests us made of? Can we afford it? We will discuss these big questions below.


Once we know what we want to grow, dWe must look at the space we have available and if it is enough to plant everything we had thought about. Vegetables require a certain space and amount of land, so we must be realistic with the amounts we can grow in the space we have.


Another aspect to take into account is the material, since the urban garden has to be made of weather-resistant products. Among them are some synthetics or different types of woods and metals with a specific treatment. Also at a decorative level we must take it into account, since depending on the furniture and designs found in the urban garden area, a more rustic wooden model or a more modern one may be better.

Quality and price

As is often the case, quality and price go hand in hand. The better the material is manufactured and treated, the higher the price. The same goes for size. Nevertheless, we can find urban gardens of all prices in the market. The range of available options is very wide, so we can find something that fits our pockets.

What can be grown in an urban garden?

There are many different models of urban gardens

In the urban garden we can grow a wide variety of vegetables. We must take into account the space they may need to grow properly and not die trying. For this reason, it is rare to find large fruits in small gardens, such as watermelons, melons or pumpkins. However, many other fruits and vegetables are a good option for planting in tight spaces. Among the most popular are strawberries, cherry tomatoes, aromatic herbs, lettuce, etc.

Where to buy

Today, the possibilities we have to acquire various things are endless. Both physical establishments and the internet offer us many options. We are going to comment on some of the places where we can buy an urban garden.

The Amazon

First of all, we are going to highlight the great online sales platform Amazon. From the comfort of our sofa we can buy various products such as a garden orchard, in addition to the accessories we need. Deliveries are usually quite fast and buyer protection policies are very strict.

Leroy Merlin

Another option we have to buy an urban garden is to visit a physical establishment, such as the Leroy Merlin. Apart from seeing them exposed there and being able to take them home the same day, we can let ourselves be advised by experts. If we are new to the world of botany, Asking professionals for advice never hurts. Growing plants can be more difficult than many people think.

Second hand

We can always choose to buy a second hand vegetable garden. However, we must bear in mind that no warranty is included, so we must make sure that everything is fine beforehand.

It is becoming more and more fashionable to grow our own plants. Therefore, the urban garden is a good option, since it takes up little space and is economically affordable. All we need at this point is a bit of patience, botanical knowledge, and some skill with plants.

Urban garden: The best models, buying guide and where to buy it

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