How to turn the terrace into a garden? Ideas and tips

That is the question: How to turn a terrace into a garden? Is that possible? Well, the truth is that yes. And it is that we usually fall into the error of thinking that a garden has to be in a more or less large area, full of a multitude of plants yes or yes, when the reality is that there are of many types, so many, that the only thing we must To do is think carefully about how we want to redecorate the space, taking into account the utility that we will give it.

Achieving a bit of nature as soon as you leave the house is something that can be achieved, not only on the terraces, but also on balconies. So If you dream of decorating yours, write down these ideas .

Calculate the surface you have available

Calculate the surface of your terrace

Even if it is only 10 x 5 meters, or even less, the first thing to do is calculate the surface of the terrace. This is the most important thing, which will save you numerous headaches, because thanks to this information you will be able to choose much better plants and furniture (in case you want to put some), and their location.

Choose the design of your garden

Do you want a garden type jungle or forest, zen, minimalist, modern, xero-garden,… or freestyle? Personally, I highly recommend that you opt for a predefined style, because that way you will know its characteristics. For instance:

  • Jungle / forest garden: are the equivalent of english garden. In them, the plants are placed in such a way that they form a forest. There are few ‘human’ elements, such as fountains or furniture, since what is sought is harmony with nature.
  • It was transparent: The zen gardens They are characterized by the presence of few plants, but placed in such a way that they make the place an ideal area for meditation and relaxation.
    There is also usually a typical Zen corner, that is, a more or less wide area filled with sand and some stones in the center. The sand symbolizes the sea, while the stones or rocks represent the islands that make up Japan. Every element symbolizes something, everything has its own function.
  • Minimalist garden: The minimalist gardens are those in which there are hardly any elements. You want to make the most of the space and make it look bigger, decorating it with relatively small objects and plants.
  • Modern garden: The modern garden It is one that integrates the latest trends in landscaping. Nowadays, more and more is going towards the separation of the different sections of the garden with low hedges or other barriers, the integration of fountains and / or ponds, LED lighting, paved or stone paths or parquet, and modern furniture.
  • in xerogarden: The xerogarden It is the perfect style if it rains little in your area. Plants with low water needs are chosen, that do well in your area, and the paths are usually made with gravel or small stones.
  • Free style: it is a garden in which you can combine different styles, or ‘create’ a new one. For example, my garden is (it will be, rather, it is still very young) more forest-like than anything else, but it is preparing to integrate the characteristics of xero-gardens and I hope it also has its own Zen corner.

Make a draft

Plan more or less where you want to put the plants and the rest of the decorative elements. Draw, if you are going to want to have them, the relaxation area, the pool area, and / or others. In this way, you can get an idea of ​​how your terrace will be turned into a garden.

To make the draft even more useful, it is important to know the adult dimensions that the plants will have.

Create your garden

Once the draft has been made, it’s time to get down to business. Because, you have to buy the plants and furniture that you want to putas well as sources, ponds, garden figures, or others, such as the irrigation system.

However, what is currently only on paper or in a computer file will be made a reality. To make it easier for you, here are a few ideas:

Path with stones

Path with stones, magnificent idea for terraced gardens

The stones in a garden can be a decorative element without equal. There are many types and sizes, so depending on where you want to put them you can opt for flat, rounded and large ones like the one in the picture aboveor others that have a somewhat irregular shape but that, once buried exposing the flatter face, make the footsteps comfortable.

Plant resistant species

Choose plants that resist your climate

It is advice that we give a lot on the blog, but It is from experience one of the most important things that must be taken into account when having a gardenbe it on a terrace, in a patio or on a balcony. So, you should know that there is plants that resist heat and cold, others that resist drought, and / u others that are highly recommended for windy areas for example.

If you doubt, our advice is that take a look at the plants in your areaas well as in the nurseries (look at the ones they have outside, not inside the greenhouses).

Integrate the stairs in the garden

Put flower pots on the ladder

Going up or down stairs without plants is not the same as doing it with them. Obviously, if the steps are narrow, you don’t have to put flowerpots … on them, but they can be hung on the wall or even in a garden arch or pergola.

Consider putting artificial grass

Put grass in your garden

Artificial grass is a good alternative to have an elegant green corner. Also, if you have children, they will surely love to lie on it . The most interesting thing is that does not require as much maintenance as natural grassso in the end it turns out to be cheaper since you do not have to water it or go through the lawnmower.

Anyway, if you are not convinced, but you still want a green carpet, do not hesitate to look green alternatives to grass.

Keep the pool area clear

Backyard with pool

Keeping the pool clean is already a considerable expense of time and money, so to avoid increasing this expense it is better not to put too many plants nearby, and even less if they have aggressive roots or tend to throw a lot of leavesAs the ash or Pine trees.

If you want to put plants around, we recommend opting for palms (put them at least one meter from the pool, more if they have very long leaves), shrubberythe flowers.

Photos of terraces with garden

If you still need more ideas, here is a photo gallery:

How to turn the terrace into a garden? Ideas and tips

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