How and when to prune roses

Rose bushes are bushes that wherever they are, they are always spectacular, don’t you think? They are very easy to grow, and require little maintenance, although … to make them even more beautiful one of the most important tasks we have to do is prune them.

But if you don’t know how and when to prune rosestake note of the tips and follow the step by step to enjoy a greater number of flowers.

When are rose bushes pruned?

Rosa chinensis

Rose bushes are evergreen shrubs that can behave like deciduous if the weather is very cold. They are the favorite flowers of Humanity, and it is not for less: who does not want to get close to smell their exquisite aroma or contemplate their beautiful petals? In addition, they only need water and sun to grow, and pruning to continue blooming. Indeed, if they were not pruned, we would end up with a beautiful “green bush” .

This task It can be done at any time of the yearbeing the most recommended towards the end of winter / beginning of spring and autumn, when the flowering season -depending on the weather, it may be in November in the Northern Hemisphere- has passed.

How are they pruned?

yellow Rose

Now that we know when and why they are pruned, let’s see how to do this task. But, first, we have to prepare the following material:

  • Pruning shears
  • Healing paste
  • Pharmacy alcohol

Once we have it, we will clean the pruning shears with pharmacy alcohol and we will proceed to pruning. But … what has to be cut? And how much?

As we know, there are two types of rose bushes: the climbers and the bushy ones.

  • Climbing roses: you have to cut the suckers and branches that intersect. Finally, we will cut 5-10cm those that have flowered this season.
  • Shrub rose bushes: they are pruned in the shape of a glass, that is, we will have to prune those central branches that harm the strongest ones. In the case that the branches are thick, it is necessary to leave six buds; but if they are thin, like a pencil, we will leave three buds. We will also cut those that have blossomed about 10cm, to force it to take out new shoots.

It is advisable that, after each cut, put some healing paste on it in the wound to prevent the plant from being affected by fungi.

White Rose

Thus, we will get a greater quantity of precious roses .

How and when to prune roses

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