The most beautiful tulips in the world

In the Netherlands fields sown with tulips of all colors they give us a wonderful landscape. The industry of tulip cultivation moves millions of euros a year due to the popularity of this bulb plant. Not for less, their infinite beauty makes tulips one of the most spectacular plants in the world. In spring they […]

The peculiar plant known as Devil’s Claws

This herbaceous plant, whose scientific name is proboscidea louisiana, better known as Devil’s claws or nails By the locals, it is very pretty when it is in flower, but you certainly would not like to step on its fruit once it is dry. In fact, the animal that is responsible for transporting the fruits as […]

The main flower bulbs to be planted in the fall

Our plants bulbous they are very popular thanks to its rather small size and easy care. There is an immense variety to choose from, even if we choose only one species, the flowers have such a high ornamental value that we will be able to brighten up the place where they are. On this occasion […]

The cultivation and care of the precious Foxglove plant

Today we introduce you to a plant whose flowers They are spectacular, the foxglovewhose scientific name is digitalis purpurea. Originally from Europe, it was taken to America, where it has been naturalized without problems. It is a biennial or perennial plant, depending on how harsh the winter is. The foxglove can reach a height of […]

Ideal flowers for garden or pot: getting to know the Lupine

The lupinebetter known scientifically as Wolfis a genus of herbaceous, perennial plants whose nutritional properties make it become food for both animals and humans. Its growth is fast, and it does not take long to bloom after germination, thus being able to decorate the garden with its precious flowers after a few months. There are […]

Gardenias in your garden | Gardening On

Widely used in the cosmetic industry, the exquisite fragrance of the Gardenia makes it attractive for making perfumes. It is a perennial plant that gives off a characteristic aroma while being beautiful and ideal for decorating a corner. There are many species of Gardenia the most popular being the Gardenia jasminoidewhose flowers they are white […]

A selection of bulbous flowers to be planted in spring

Little by little the winter season is ending, and it is giving way to spring. Although there may still be frosts in some parts of the northern hemisphere, the normal thing is that the temperatures begin to rise slightly and we see more and more flowers in gardens and, of course, in the open fields. […]

The spectacular and curious Bolivian Fuchsia plant

Taking a look around the net I have found an old acquaintance. It belongs to the genus of Fuchsia which are small shrubs or trees whose flowers do not leave anyone indifferent, but nevertheless, they need certain conditions so that they can develop properly. So much so that in climates such as, for example, the one […]

The beauty of the hardy plant called cyclamen

Today we are going to talk about cyclamena bulbous plant very popular in many homes for its high ornamental value and its resistance to … practically everything! Undoubtedly, is an excellent option for those who enter the world of plantsor for those looking for a small plant to decorate the windows of their house or […]

The cultivation of thoughts | Gardening On

It is not a plant with especially different flowers but still the pansy flowers are widely chosen to add color to gardens and balconies. This is due to the range of colors it encompasses, with flowers ranging from white to yellow, gold, purple, blue or red. Some flowers are variegated although it is best to […]

Flower plants that attract butterflies in your garden

It’s hard to think of a spring without butterflies, bees, and other pollinating insects. And, are they not the ones who give life to this precious season of the year? It is a season of flowers and pleasant temperatures, and the butterflies will soon get down to work to pollinate the plants. You would like […]

Tips on how to grow and reproduce your rose bush

The roses are shrubby plants that need to be watered properly, and that have been decorating gardens, terraces and balconies for a long time. And it is that, Who can resist the beauty of its flowers? There are red, pink, white, navy blue, bicolor, … In addition, they resist frost and have a certain resistance […]

Where to have Fuchsia: in the garden or in a pot?

Our fuchsiasWho does not recognize them? They are plants whose flowers show an incalculable elegance and ornamental power. Its habitat is mainly in Asia and the south of the American continent. They grow in the form of shrubs or small trees that do not exceed three meters in height. This makes them Ideal plants for […]

Tulipomania, when tulips make history

Many of us visited the Netherlands with the illusion of knowing those extensive tulip fields that look like fairy tales because of their colors. It is curious that a native plant from another place has become one of the great symbols of a country and a strong and powerful industry that requires time and dedication. […]

How to grow gerberas | Gardening On

The gerberawhose scientific name is gerbera jamesoniiis a perennial herbaceous plant that can live for several years. Its origin is in the grasslands of South Africa, specifically in the Transvaal. It does not exceed 30cm in height, which makes it, together with its beautiful flowers reminiscent of daisies, in an excellent option to have in […]

Step by step of how to plant rose bushes in planters

This morning I went to the market in my town, and I found that they had brought several beautiful tall rose bushes, very healthyand also, on offer. How could it be otherwise, I wanted to take advantage of the situation, since it is very difficult to find these types of plants with such a low […]

A selection of terrestrial orchids to decorate the home

Our Orchids they are, perhaps, the plants whose flower is the most elegant of all. Although the best known are those sold in transparent plastic pots, whose flower resembles a butterfly (the Phalaenopsis), the truth is that there are three types of orchids: epiphytes, which are those with aerial roots, semi-terrestrial ones, which are those […]

Have a Begonia as a well-cared houseplant

Our Begonia are plants most of which behave like seasonal plants in cool climates, since they are native to tropical climates and do not support frost. It is for this reason also why many people, and more and more, use them to decorate the interior of their homes at least for a few months. Their […]

Small but very beautiful plant, desert spring

In the arid and warm lands of the American continent we can find a genus of herbaceous plants whose flowers are very ornamental, and that resist drought. They are known as Desert springBecause when they bloom, they begin the most benign stage of the desert, that is, they begin several months during which the weather […]

Yellow flowers, energy and beauty in the home

Yesterday reading the biography of Gabriel Garcia MarquezI discovered that his lifelong wife used to place a yellow flower in the vase on his desk every day. Not only that, Gabo always carried a yellow flower in his jacket and his wife wore a dress the color of the sun at the funeral of the […]

Ideal flowers to grow in spring and summer

The time of year comes when the garden becomes more colorful and that is why today we will deal with the ideal plants to grow in spring and summer, those that will give us that wonderful range of colors that we can enjoy while we contemplate the sunset. The prettiest ones One of the typical […]

The most expensive and eccentric flowers in the world

Who has not given a bouquet of flowers sometime in his life. There are very cheap and also more expensive but only some become too exquisite for the average pocket. We are talking about those branches made up of most expensive flowers in the world whose price is measured by the rarity of the flowers […]

Identify orchids that need transplantation

With the arrival of spring (also summer), it is time to open the windows and feel the fresh and clean air that appears after a harsh winter. That is something that refreshes us, but … your most elegant indoor plants, the Orchidsthey also need to cool off. Every 1-2 years (usually spring or summer) your […]

Selection of robust plants for your garden

If you have a garden in a cool climate, today we are going to introduce you five robust plants that will help you start to design it, or finish it. They are very ornamental plants, very beautiful, which are also perfect for those who don’t have much experience on the theme of gardening. Fast growing […]

Cultivation of scent violets | Gardening On

The scented violets is the scientific name for the common violet, also known as viola, scent violet or garden violet. It belongs to the family of Purplish and a plant widely used to decorate stones and maceids, whose small flowers and an intense violet color stand out and offer a rich perfume. Description of the […]

List of vivacious flowers to have in a pot

If you don’t have a garden, or you just want to have potted flowers and you don’t know which ones, you’re in luck. We have made a selection of some of the best plants that you can have in a pot and that, in addition, are very easy to find and even more so to […]

Pansies, violets and more | Gardening On

Our Violets They are brightly colored flowers that are very popular in the market, perhaps because of their natural beauty and natural elegance. The funny thing is that despite their popularity they are difficult to distinguish because they are presented in different forms. it’s possible distinguish between 400 and 500 varieties different, even many that […]

My flowers do not open, why?

¿You have plants whose flowers do not open and you do not know why? If so, we will try to unravel the mystery. The vast majority of plants need to flourish to propagate their species, so they need favorable climatic conditions to guarantee success. But sometimes, once they take out what looks like it has […]

Geraniums under the magnifying glass: planting, watering and care

This is not the first time we have talked about geraniums but it never hurts to put the focus on this plant with beautiful flowers that is one of the great ones chosen for gardens and balconies. We know that geraniums belong to the family of Geraniaceaeand that there are many varieties as it comprises […]

Orchid care in winter | Gardening On

Our Orchids They have the most elegant and spectacular flowers. Many of them are reminiscent of different forms of animals: like butterflies, birds or even monkeys. Native to the tropics, some like the Phalenopsis live by clinging to tree branches, while there are others that prefer to live on dry land. Because they are very […]

Cyclamen care | Gardening On

If you have recently started gardening and want to be successful with your crops, you can start with the cyclamen, a very noble plant and resistant to almost everything. It is a very pretty and showy plant, with beautiful flowers that vary in colorall very beautiful and that change according to the variety. They can […]

Care and cultivation of snowdrops

Although in some corners it seems that it is struggling, summer is almost coming to an end. Fall is coming soon, and with it, when to plant bulbs that will bloom at the end of winter. One of these bulbous species is the one we present to you today. Known as the Snowdrops they are […]

All about wild hyacinths | Gardening On

The Wild hyacinthswhose scientific name is Hyacinthoides non-scriptare bulbous plants with blue flowers native to Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands. They look a lot like hyacinthsHence, they are known by that name. It is one of the earliest flowering plants: early spring. In the British country it is a protected species, therefore, its sale is […]

Planting roses from seed | Gardening On

For, grow roses you have to be careful and study the process well. Few flowers are so beautiful but also delicate. That is why today we will start in the growing roses from seed. Do you want to know the process for start having rose bushes in the garden? Here we venture on this mission. […]

Colorful azaleas in the garden

Our azaleas They are one of the favorite plants of the people, a shrub with a soft green color that blooms in spring and summer and gives large flowers of an intense pink. They are known throughout the world, beautiful and ideal for gardens and balconies but also somewhat delicate in their care. That is, […]

Amaranth, a beautiful and edible plant

The amaranth is an outdoor plant that you can grow at home. Some of its varieties are edible and that is why they are also sold in health food stores and natural products but today I invite you to plant it in some corner of the home so that you have fresh amaranth without intermediaries. […]

Subscriber of rose bushes | Gardening On

Our roses They are delicate but very beautiful plants and that is why many of us want to have roses in the garden in order to enjoy their beauty. Cultivating them is an art that requires certain knowledge and also a good dose of patience to achieve the expected results. To have a plant covered […]

The Liliums, perfect to give away

Our protagonist today is a genus of bulbous plants that blooms very early, even if the weather is good, it can welcome the new year. His name is Lilymore popularly known as lily, and includes more than a hundred different species, each more interesting and beautiful. It inhabits the temperate regions of Europe, America and […]

Red linen care | Gardening On

Our protagonist today is an unknown herbaceous plant, but not unknown by name, but rather because it is not used too often to have in gardens or on balconies or terraces. Nevertheless, its cultivation is very simple, same as the dimorfotecaSo much so that if we want to give a new life to a field, […]

Guide to reproduce rose bushes by cuttings

With the arrival of February, the ideal season for reproduce and take care of your rose bushes by cuttingseasily and quickly. In fact, you will only need a pair of scissors, a pot and a substrate. You got it? Well, let’s get to work. You will see how in a very short time your collection […]

Learn to Care for the Extraordinary Kangaroo Paw Flower

Have you heard of the Kangaroo Paw flower? This name refers to the curious plant scientifically known as Anigozanthos manglesiiwhich grows in the west of the Australian continent, and considered as a floral emblem in the country. They respect it so much that, although it is not threatened, it is protected by law, and a […]

The exceptional flower of the Crocus sativus

Our protagonist today is a bulbous plant that is very present in the kitchen in the form of a spice. His scientific name is Crocus sativusand it is popularly known by the name of saffron. Its beautiful lilac flowers sprout in spring, as soon as the risk of frost has passed. It is a very […]

Don’t be fooled by roses that don’t exist

A couple of days ago we were talking about how to have our own rainbow roses, following a series of simple steps without having to go to a laboratory to get one of these beautiful flowers at home. Now, there are many of us who can make the mistake of thinking that this type of […]

Enjoy Lavatera flowers in your garden

The washing machine It is a genus of plants that is increasingly finding its place in the garden, mainly due to the beauty of its wild flowers which can be pink, white or bicolor. Lovers of the sun, they are ideal to have both in pot and in the ground. Let’s know how to take […]

Let’s meet the tajinastes | Gardening On

We have seldom talked about “very ours” plants, so today our tribute goes to one of the most exceptional plants that you can find in the Canary archipelago. It is very ornamental due to the characteristics of its flowers, and does not require much maintenance. Do you dare to meet them? Do you want to […]

When to plant tulips | Gardening On

The image is beautiful, right? Tulips have extraordinary flowers, with which you can create such magnificent natural views. There are those that have red flowers, others yellow, others bicolor… there is a great variety to choose from! But… to be able to enjoy them you have to know when to plant tulips. Let’s find out. […]

How carnations reproduce | Gardening On

It has been admired and cultivated for many generations. Its flowers are so beautiful that they are still being cultivated today. In addition, they are often used to make bouquets, as the colors are very bright and cheerful. Now why not get your own plants? If you want to know everything about how carnations reproduceYou’re […]

What are the flowers that bloom in spring

Hello everyone! How are you doing this Sunday? Today, since we are in the most colorful season of the year, what better way to discover what are the flowers that bloom in spring. There are many plants that will make our eyes happy during these months, and all of them are suitable both to create […]

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