A selection of terrestrial orchids to decorate the home

Our Orchids they are, perhaps, the plants whose flower is the most elegant of all. Although the best known are those sold in transparent plastic pots, whose flower resembles a butterfly (the Phalaenopsis), the truth is that there are three types of orchids: epiphytes, which are those with aerial roots, semi-terrestrial ones, which are those that may be growing both on the ground and on top of tree branches, and terrestrial ones, which are the protagonists of this article and can only be live while its roots are growing underground.

These plants are very decorative. If you would like to decorate your home with one of them, below we present three of them, each one more beautiful.



The Calanthe It is a very widespread genus of terrestrial orchids: it has more than 150 species distributed mainly throughout the Asian continent. They live in jungles and tropical forests, growing on fallen trees.

The leaves are very long, being able to measure more than 40cm in length and about 8cm in width.


Chloraea gavilu

Chloraea It is a genus of terrestrial orchids that has about 50 species. They are distributed mainly in the Andes, although some have been found in South America.

Their main characteristic is that, thanks to their tuberous roots, they can withstand fires and prolonged droughts.



The gender Phaeus It has about 30 species that inhabit much of the world, especially between Madagascar and the Philippines. Although there are a few species that are epiphytes, most are terrestrial.

They have large leaves, and very beautiful flowers, which generally have a pleasant aroma.

Like the orchids found in nurseries, if we see any terrestrial orchids, it is very likely that they cannot withstand frost. But because they can adapt well to living indoors, that’s not a problem.

Which one did you like the most?

A selection of terrestrial orchids to decorate the home

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