Care and cultivation of snowdrops

Although in some corners it seems that it is struggling, summer is almost coming to an end. Fall is coming soon, and with it, when to plant bulbs that will bloom at the end of winter. One of these bulbous species is the one we present to you today. Known as the Snowdrops they are one of the earliest flowering plants. In fact, they do so as soon as the snow that covers them in their habitat begins to melt.

If you want to know more about these beautiful flowersdo not hesitate. Keep reading.

The Snowdrops, whose scientific name is galanthus nivalisare native to Europe and Asia. They do not grow more than 15cm in height, something that makes them ideal to have in, for example, a nice terracotta pot on the balcony along with more specimens of the same species. It belongs to the same family as the Amaryllidaceae, which also includes the better known Amaryllis that bloom later: in summer.

It grows in humid, but not flooded, fertile soils, characteristics that the earth of the humid and temperate forests presents. They live in the shade of trees, that is why its ideal location will be the semi-shadowavoiding direct sun.

galanthus nivalis

This bulbous is planted as follows:

  • Whether it will be in a pot or in the ground, It must be at a depth of about 5 to 10cm from the surface. It will depend on how big the bulb is: if it is large (about 4-5cm high) about 10cm, but if it is small about 5cm deep.
  • It is covered with soil or substrate.
  • And finally it is watered.

If you want to make combinations with other bulbous plants, you should choose those species that bloom around the same dates and, above all, that have a similar height.

For you to go enjoying themwe leave you this video that you will surely love:

Care and cultivation of snowdrops

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