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The scented violets is the scientific name for the common violet, also known as viola, scent violet or garden violet.

It belongs to the family of Purplish and a plant widely used to decorate stones and maceids, whose small flowers and an intense violet color stand out and offer a rich perfume.

Description of the plant

The scent violet is a plant that can reach up to 15 cm in height and does not have any stem, although it does have a strong and fleshy root. The flowers are large and hooked in style, with a sweet aroma and usually purple in color, although in some cases they may be white. They have five petals, two of them erect, and all are irregular. In addition, it has a fruit inside which are the seeds.

Scent violets

The plant grows in rosettes and is supported by stolonsthat is, lateral shoots that are born next to the stem in some herbaceous plants and grow horizontally at ground level.

Grow tips

If you want to grow these violets the best is sow the seeds from June to October. You can do it directly on the ground, placing the seeds with a distance of 10 cm. between them. In this case, flowering will be in late winter.

The scent violets need a regular wateringtwo or three times a week, and nor resist the full sun so choose a place with shady areas.

Scent violets

Remember that it is a temperate plant so I know that it will be difficult for it to grow in climates with extreme summers and winters. On the other hand, it needs a soil rich in nutrients and with good drainage. You can compost the soil for best results using an organic compost.

Check the plant to avoid the appearance of pests and diseases. The most common are aphids and powdery mildew.

Cultivation of scent violets | Gardening On

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