Guide to choosing the most suitable flower for Valentine’s Day

Approaches Valentine’s Day!! It is one of the most romantic dates of the year, and that is why choosing one suitable flower It is so important. To give to your partner, or to a family member or friend. There are flowers for everyone!

Next we will show you a list of the flowers that are most used to give as gifts, and we will reveal its hidden secret so that you do not make a mistake in the choice.

Red rose

Red rose

Who has not ever received a red rose? Are the real protagonists Valentine’s Day. Their sales increase so much that the entrepreneurs decide that on this date their sale price is 30% higher. Incredible, right? A real beauty.

Red is synonymous with passion, love and romance.



Chrysanthemums are a genus of flowering plants that encompass a large number of species throughout the globe. They are very resistant, and the flowers can be white, red, yellow … of any color! You can choose the one you like the most, or buy several and give a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Depending on the variety, it means one thing or another. For example: the red flower is given as a token of friendship, while the white as a decaying love.


The Gardenia is a beautiful shrub or small slow-growing tree whose flowers are white, very aromatic.

If you give a flower of this precious plant to someone, you are telling them that you feel love for him or her, a secret love, but tender and sweet. Ideal to confess to that special person what you feel for her.


Orchids are epiphytic plants, that is, they climb trees, whose flowers have a very high ornamental value. They are so striking, that they decorate your home in a spectacular way.

But, what did you not know that there is a legend around these beauties? It turns out that a goddess from a tribe is said to have turned into an orchid. Giving one of these plants to someone is something very noblelike the feeling that unites you.

And you, what flower are you going to give this year?

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Guide to choosing the most suitable flower for Valentine’s Day

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