Do you have a special event planned and you don’t know howHow to keep rose petals fresh to keep them that way until the appointed day? Well, stop worrying, because today I’m going to give you some tips to help you achieve your goal.

And is that roses are excellent flowers to give a special fragrance to your home.

Previous steps

Colored roses

Before entering fully into the matter, you have to do a series of things beforeThese are:

  • Cut the flowers: of course, if there are no flowers, there are no petals. But we can not take just any, but those that look better, which are the ones that have been open for a very short time. You should also check that they do not have any parasites (aphids, for example). The ideal time will be in the morning, before the sun begins to be intense.
  • Keep the stems in water: If you have things to do, put the stems in water, in a very bright place, but protected from direct light.

Preserve the flowers

Red rose

Now that you have your flowers, healthy and precious like no other, it is time to preserve your petals. There are several ways to do it, as you will discover.

  • Plastic bag: the easiest is to put the petals in a plastic bag and close it. It is important to keep it in a place at room temperature, otherwise they will spoil more quickly.
  • In the fridge: To get the petals to last a week, you must put them in a plastic bag, and this in the fridge (in the part where you put the yogurts, sausages, and others).

Another fact to take into account is that the petals, as far as possible, they should not be one on top of the other nor crushed. They must not lose their shape. Thus, if you prefer, you can choose to enter them in a tupperwarewhich will help you keep your rose petals fresh.