Who does not like to have some beautiful flowers decorating the home? They are wonderful; so much that they make us feel much more animated every time we see them, right?

Also, with these simple tricks you will know how to preserve flowers in a vase.

Before putting them in the vase …


… The following must be taken into account:

  • If you are going to cut flowers from your own plants, choose those that look healthy. Discard any that have a dry spot or that has been attacked by an insect.
  • The best time of day to cut is early in the morning. It will have to be diagonal, since in this way the wound can heal better, and the stem will be able to absorb more water. It is also convenient to make this cut to those flowers that you have bought.
  • Once you have your flowers, you have to put them in a glass of water for two hours. It is important that it covers the entire stem, but avoiding wetting the petals at all times.

Keeping the flowers in the vase

Flowers in vase

Now that you have perfectly hydrated flowers, we can transfer them to the vase. To make them last longer, I recommend that you choose those that are made of transparent glassbecause this way the stems will be able to breathe and, therefore, you will be able to enjoy them for a longer time.

As well it is important that you change the water every daysince otherwise the bacteria will not take long to affect them. For this reason, you have to trim the stem in a bevel and clean the vase with a drop of dishwasher and rinse it well. I recommend using rain (or mineral) water, because calcareous, due to its composition, can leave traces of lime in the vase.

And if you want them to last even longer, add an aspirin. When you see that it has dissolved, add another. Thus, your flowers will look beautiful .

How do you keep your flowers?