Looking for tips on how to transplant and care for primroses? If so, you are in luck since today we are going to talk about these beautiful seasonal flowers. They are ideal to have in the garden or in a pot, giving color to the area where they are.

To find out more … keep reading.


Pink primrose

These plants are very grateful: they need very little to develop and grow properly. Even so, if we want to give them the best care we have to do the following:

  • Place it in an exhibition protected from direct sun
  • Plant it in garden soil or universal substrate
  • Water it frequently, preventing the substrate from drying out completely
  • And we can also pay it with a specific fertilizer for flower plants, preferably liquid

Another fact to keep in mind is that it must be protected from molluskslike snails. They love to eat its leaves, and they can seriously harm your primroses. So as a precaution, if the environment is very humid or if rain is coming, use some mollusk repellent.


Spring primroses

The transplant of primroses does not carry risks for the plant, if done correctly during the spring or just buy it. To do this, it has to be removed from the pot trying not to crumble the root ball, and plant it in its new pot or by making a small hole in the garden. If some rootlets break when you take it out of the pot, don’t worry: when it is installed in its new place, new ones will sprout.

Being a fast growing plant, and being resistant to cold -but not to strong frosts- is a perfect candidate for beginners or they have been caring for plants for a short time.

Do you dare to plant primroses in your garden -or have a balcony- during this season?