The time of year comes when the garden becomes more colorful and that is why today we will deal with the ideal plants to grow in spring and summer, those that will give us that wonderful range of colors that we can enjoy while we contemplate the sunset.

The prettiest ones

One of the typical summer plants is lavender not only for its properties and aroma but also because its flowers are very attractive, ideal for ornamentation with its pale violet color and long silhouette. Lavender needs sun exposure and is not demanding in water, since a weekly watering will suffice.


Another flower that you can grow in the spring and summer is the hyacinth, which comes in several shades so you can play with them and combine several hyacinths to enjoy the colors, from white to pink or purple. Hyacinths need light and well-drained soil and have the virtue of continuing to develop in winter if they are in perfect condition.

Lilies are typical of the summer season. I know they look fresh and always go well in vases. Ideal for decorating the house, it is a plant that adapts to high temperatures and needs direct sun.

Original flowers

Many people choose to grow bromeliads in summer to contrast with lavenders and hyacinths. Striking in appearance, the bromeliad reaches a height close to one meter and is a plant that requires a special place in the garden due to its exotic flowers. You can also opt for lilies if you are looking to add variety: there are three very different species, although they all require fresh soil and should not receive direct sunlight.


An important bet involves the cultivation of orchids, although in this case you will have to be more careful as it can be affected by excess heat. Of course, with it you will have that special touch in the house.