Flowers are a masterpiece of nature. They are essential for many plants to perpetuate their species, attracting their pollinators with vivid colors. But also the garden, the home … and life make us happymaking us smile every time we get close to smelling them.

Let’s discover together what is the meaning of white flowers.

Meaning of white flowers

Inside of a white flower

White has always been associated with purity of being, with the innocence. The flowers that are of this color are usually chosen for the bouquets that the brides will carry on their wedding day, or to give to someone who is sick and show him that he can trust him, that he will be with him in the good times but also in the not so good ones.

Undoubtedly, They are flowers that you will want to have if you want to transmit peace and harmonyeither to have as a centerpiece, or in the garden. And it is that they are the maximum representation of what is true, of what is pure and that should last forever, even when a loved one leaves. In fact, they are widely used at funerals, as a sign of respect and condolences towards the deceased and his family.

Examples of plants with white flowers

White flower

Now that you know its meaning, let’s see which are the plants whose flowers are white. There are many more than you might think, and all of them are very easy to care for. Among the most notable we find:

  • Hydrangea “Annabelle” (deciduous shrub, acidophilus)
  • Camellia »Dawn» (evergreen shrub, acidophilus)
  • Dianthus deltoides »Alba» (perennial)
  • Chrysanthemum cineraria efolium (annual or biannual plant depending on the climate)
  • white plumeria (houseplant)
  • phalaenopsis celebensis (houseplant)
  • lily of the long-haul (bulbous that blooms in spring)

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