Selection of robust plants for your garden


If you have a garden in a cool climate, today we are going to introduce you five robust plants that will help you start to design it, or finish it. They are very ornamental plants, very beautiful, which are also perfect for those who don’t have much experience on the theme of gardening. Fast growing and easy to grow, you will immediately see how your favorite green corner begins to look differently.

And if you don’t believe us, experiment… And then you tell us.



The bulbs of the lilies You could almost say that they are one of the first to bloom… even during winter !! In fact, they can be sown in snow-covered fields that absolutely nothing will happen to them. To make them look even more spectacular than they already are, it is highly recommended to plant them in groups of three or four bulbs.

They prefer an exhibition full sun and a land with good drainage.



Our onions They are ideal as a plant to have in the garden. They are buried more or less at a depth twice their height (for example, if the bulb is about 2cm high, it will be planted about 4cm deep), and the soil is always kept somewhat humid, until the moment of harvest . Small bulbs are put on sale in the market very early, so they can be planted before the end of winter.

They also prefer a full sun exposure.



The thoughts They are one of the annual plants (or perennials in hot climates) that best tolerate late frosts. You can have them in the garden, in pots, in planters, on the balcony … wherever you want! They are very rustic, and very pretty. So much so that if you don’t have them one year, you miss them.

And it is that, a home and / or garden without thoughts … is not the same.



Who does not know the roses? These beautiful shrubs (or climbing plants) attract attention for their flowers, which come in many sizes and colors; with or without odor. They are usually sold towards the beginning of the year as a bare root. They may look like they are dead, but once planted in pots or in the garden, they will explode to life in no time, pulling out leaves and later the lovely flowers.

If you want to plant them in the garden, it is advisable to keep them in a bucket with water in the shade while the hole is being made. Once planted, in full sun, water it abundantly.



Made for cold weather, primroses they can be planted even when they are in flower, something unusual for other perennials. They are small plants ideal to give color to the garden, or to the balcony of the house. Do not forget to remove the withered flowers to make it look spectacular.

What do you think of these plants?

Selection of robust plants for your garden

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