Small but very beautiful plant, desert spring

In the arid and warm lands of the American continent we can find a genus of herbaceous plants whose flowers are very ornamental, and that resist drought. They are known as Desert springBecause when they bloom, they begin the most benign stage of the desert, that is, they begin several months during which the weather gives a break and the rain makes its appearance. Also well known as evening primrose plants, because of them (especially of the Oenothera biennis) so popular oil is extracted.

The name of the genus of this type of plant is Oenothera, which comprises more than 100 different species. There are some that are perennial, others annual and others biannual, but they all have in common the shape of their flowers, which may be reminiscent of those of the poppy.

Oenothera deltoides

Desert Spring is a small plant, about 20cm tall, ideal to have in pots or planters together with other plants of the same size or with others of its kind. It is also a perfect option if we want to have it as a rockery plant, since it resists drought without problems.

The ideal substrate will be one that has good drainage, that is loose. This is a plant that does not support excessive humidity in the substrate, that is why we will let the soil dry before watering again. Of course, we must place it in full sun.


Once the plant dries, it will look more or less like the one in the photo above. It won’t take long for the wind to “lift” it off the ground, and it will carry it across the desert. If you have ever been or are going there, it is likely that you will find one of these plants rolling on the sand.

If you would like to have a Desert Spring in your garden, put the seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours, and then sow them in a seedbed in full sun and keep the substrate slightly damp every day. In a short time they will germinate and you will be able to enjoy their beautiful flowers.

Small but very beautiful plant, desert spring

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