The beauty of the hardy plant called cyclamen

Today we are going to talk about cyclamena bulbous plant very popular in many homes for its high ornamental value and its resistance to … practically everything! Undoubtedly, is an excellent option for those who enter the world of plantsor for those looking for a small plant to decorate the windows of their house or balconies.

The cyclamen adapts to everything. It can live both in half shade and in full sun, as well as being resistant to light frosts. Next, we will give you a series of tips for its care.

Cyclamen flowers

Cyclamen is a tuberculous plant, that is, the leaves come out from a tuber which is always underground (or inside the pot). There are more than 23 recognized species, which can be found throughout the Mediterranean: Balearic Islands, northern Egypt, Greece, etc.

The color of the flowers varies depending on the variety. They can be red, pink, white … They are very curious, since it seems that they are closed. In some they are more open than in others, but in general they tend to be slightly closed. They have a delicate appearance, very beautiful, whose touch is soft.

Cyclamen_ Flowers

In gardening it is used to decorate balconies, windows, patios, tables … or gardens as seen in the image above. Would you like to have something like this in your favorite green corner? You can do it easily, planting in groups of flower plants of the color that you like the most, or make a multi-colored clump by planting specimens of different colors. Or if you don’t have a garden, in a planter or in a pot they will also look great.

The maintenance of these plants is very low. It is necessary to water them about twice a week in summer and the rest of the year it will be enough with one time, and use a preferably porous, loose substrate that does not have a tendency to compact. So you can have your cyclamen healthy and strong as the first day.

The beauty of the hardy plant called cyclamen

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