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It is not a plant with especially different flowers but still the pansy flowers are widely chosen to add color to gardens and balconies. This is due to the range of colors it encompasses, with flowers ranging from white to yellow, gold, purple, blue or red.

Some flowers are variegated although it is best to combine several of them to have a rainbow outside. Because of their kindness and beauty, pansies are widely used ornamental plants throughout the world although they are also limited because they are winter plants, whose flowering occurs from autumn to late spring.

Cultivating thoughts

Pansies, colorful flowers to have in the garden or balcony

But that is no reason not to cultivate thoughts in your home because the amalgam of colors during the season is so exquisite that it is well worth enjoying it, even for a short time.

If you want to cultivate thoughts, you must take into account some questions. The first thing is to know the type of soil they need to grow noble. It is best to opt for tLoose, nutrient-rich soil in order to have a better flowering. In addition, it must always be moist but not exceeded in water then it will lead to the proliferation of fungi. When watering, always avoid puddles, making a regular watering although moderate considering that in the winter the evaporation of the water is slower. In addition, you must locate your thoughts in a Sunny place as they are nourished by natural light.

Pansies, colorful flowers to have in the garden or balcony

This plant is not demanding in climate so it can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, even a few degrees below zero. As we said, thoughts need a nutrient-rich soil so it is best to add a special fertilizer for flowering plants once a month.

You can growing pansies in planters, pots or in the ground. The important thing is to modify the irrigation according to the place where they are planted: daily in the case of pots or planters, when you notice that the soil begins to dry out if you grow them in the ground. On the other hand, choose well-draining pots to prevent root rot.

The best time for sowing is fall and try to plant them at a distance of 6 inches from each other so that they have room to grow although you can reduce the distance if you plant them in pots.

As the flowers grow and wilt, remove the dead ones to help the rest grow. On the other hand, it is recommended to carry out a pruning by cutting the base of the stem when the flowering season ends.

Possible thinking problems

Among the plagues and diseases The most frequent attacks on thoughts are aphids and powdery mildewa disease caused by a fungus that attacks the flowers and produces a whitish color.

Our violet mosquito larvae They also attack pansies by producing galls on the leaves, where more larvae proliferate, affecting the leaves. Meanwhile, millipedes damage the plant by gnawing on the roots and lower leaves.

Pansies, colorful flowers to have in the garden or balcony

However there are other problems that can appear. If you notice black spots on the leaves, it is common that the plant needs to be more exposed to the sun, so you should only place the plant in a sunnier place.

The loss of the leaves can be due to the attack of snails and slugs as well as to the lack of irrigation. In the latter case, it is common for the leaves to turn yellow first.

If your thoughts do not bloom, it may be due to lack of sun or excess humidity, although this also happens if the soil lacks nutrients. Check your plants well, record all the changes you notice because there is nothing like the power of observation to discover any inconvenience that affects your specimens. The sooner you detect the problem, the easier it will be to solve it so that your plants grow in harmony.

Pansies, colorful flowers to have in the garden or balcony

The cultivation of thoughts | Gardening On

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