The main flower bulbs to be planted in the fall

Our plants bulbous they are very popular thanks to its rather small size and easy care. There is an immense variety to choose from, even if we choose only one species, the flowers have such a high ornamental value that we will be able to brighten up the place where they are.

On this occasion we will know the main bulbs that are planted in autumn and bloom in spring.


Group of tulips

We will start with, perhaps, the most popular of all: the tulip. This bulbous is native to India, but the main distributors come from the Netherlands.

The tulip flower can be of different colors, but the species whose flowers are red, yellow, white or pink predominate. Currently new cultivars of other colors are found, such as navy blue, or even bicolor, for example white with abstract green lines.


The tulip is a very grateful plant, and very pretty. It does not exceed 30cm in height. In addition, its flowers, once developed, are kept for several days.

It resists light frosts without problems.



The hyacinth is a genus of bulbous plants native to the Mediterranean region and Africa. It is, along with the tulip, one of the best-selling bulbs in the world.

The flowers are lilac, white, pink or red.


It is a bulbous plant that attracts bees and other pollinating insects as soon as its flowers open in spring.

Resists light frosts.


Group of freesias

Our freesias they are flowers of extraordinary beauty. Originally from the Cape Province of South Africa, they dress the gardens in a spectacular way.

Its flowers are of very different colors: pink, blue, white, bicolor …

White freesia

They reproduce very quickly, and in great numbers; that is, if one year we plant a bulb, the following year we will have two or more.

It is very grateful. With a little water and being in full sun, it will bloom and it will be a pleasure to see it.



The daffodils They are originally from Europe. They are very elegant flowers that can be one or two colors. The species whose flowers are yellow, white or of both colors predominate.

It is a small plant, ideal to have in pots.


In the garden it will look spectacular with other bulbous plants or in groups of different species of daffodils.

Resists light to moderate frost.


Ranunculus group

And last but not least we have the buttercups. Some small bulbous plants originating in Europe whose flowers stand out for their great ornamental value.

There are species of simple flowers that are reminiscent of poppies, and there are others with double flowers, as can be seen in the photo above, which are reminiscent of rose bushes.


They are also very grateful plants that will like to be located in full sun, either in a pot or in the garden.

They resist light frosts.

And that’s all for now. Which one do you prefer?

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The main flower bulbs to be planted in the fall

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