The peculiar plant known as Devil’s Claws

This herbaceous plant, whose scientific name is proboscidea louisiana, better known as Devil’s claws or nails By the locals, it is very pretty when it is in flower, but you certainly would not like to step on its fruit once it is dry. In fact, the animal that is responsible for transporting the fruits as far as possible from the mother plant is the ostrich. It is the only one that can have the fruit hooked on the soles of its legs without feeling pain.

In addition, it can be taken into flower pot smoothly.

The Devil’s Claws plant is native to the United States reaching Mexico. It is annual, which means that in one year it grows, develops, blooms, bears fruit and dies. It grows rapidly to a height of 1m, with leaves up to 20cm wide. Its stems are robust and a little succulent, and they grow in an ascending way. It is a plant that has thick and tuberous roots.

The flowers are small, up to 4cm in length. They look like thin bells, whose petals are deep pink. The ideal time to sow the seeds is in spring, just after the risk of frost has passed.


In some areas it is considered an invasive plant, since its fruits contain large amount of seeds with a high percentage of germination and subsequent survival. It is easy for it to remove ground from other plants, so it is very important to have it controlled in a pot, and above all to sow as many seeds as we want to have plants; that is, if we want five specimens, we will not plant more than ten seeds.

There are many people who consider it a carnivorous plant, but the truth is that it is not. The only thing that happens is that the insects that die in the substrate, serve as compost.

Did you know the Devil’s Nails plant?

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The peculiar plant known as Devil’s Claws

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