Caring for fuchsias, elegant flowers for your balcony or terrace

Our fuchsias They are easy to care plants and offer a spectacular flowering, with a bell shape and in a range of colors that go from white to purple, passing through all shades of pink. Today in Gardening On let’s learn more about the care of this elegant flower. If you’re looking for flowers for […]

Rose diseases | Gardening On

As well as rose bushes, they can suffer from some problems such as pests that affect their growth and flowering. They can also suffer from diseases that will affect their development and flower quality in the same way. Our diseases in roses They can be of 3 types: produced by fungi, by bacteria or produced […]

Rose Diseases II | Gardening On

As we saw previously, our rose bushes can suffer from some problems such as pests that affect their growth and flowering. They can also suffer from diseases that will affect their development and flower quality in the same way. Yesterday we saw 3 of the most frequent diseases that can affect our rose bushes. Today […]

Pruning of the Rose: Tea Hybrids

The hybrid tea, It is the best known and most used rose bush. Our gardens can look splendid with this plant, but they can also look poor, and dead if we don’t take proper care of them. A rose bush that is not pruned, would become a plant full of dead and living branches, with […]

Rose Bush Weed Control | Gardening On

The weed or weedIt also appears when we plant rose bushes in our garden. Not only do they give it that unkempt and unpleasant appearance, but they also steal the nutrients, water and minerals that help our rose bush to develop and flourish properly. There are 2 types of weeds: annual herbs, which are born […]

The true geranium and its varieties

When we talk about geraniums Most of us immediately think of those pretty plants with many flowers in colors like red, pink or salmon. These are actually called pelargoniumsand they are the small cousins ​​of the true geranium. The first difference we see between them is that geranium (geranium) is perennial, while the Pelargonium it […]

Types of Orchids | Gardening On

Surely everyone has seen an orchid at some point in their life. And it is that these fascinating plants have flowers with very strange and exotic shapes that although at some point they can be difficult to grow, they pose a challenge for those who have them. It is for this reason that today we […]

Helpful Tips for Growing Orchids

When we think about having this type of plants at home, it is important that we follow a series of care to protect them and make the duration of its flowering much longer. It is for this reason that today, we bring you some useful tips to keep in mind when growing and having orchids […]

Characteristics of the Anthuriums | Gardening On

As with most plant species, anthuriums are known in different ways, in various areas where they are found or simply grown in the wild. anthuriums, or Anthurium as they are scientifically known, they are also known by the name of Calas, Flor de Rabo or Flor de Flamenco. Although this plant is native to the […]

Tips for choosing the Bridal Bouquet

For many women, their wedding day is one of the most important and special days of their life, so they want everything to be perfect and beautiful. Among the decisions that the bride must make for that special day, is that of the bridal bouquetAlthough many people consider it easy, it is one of the […]

Long Flowering Plants | Gardening On

Have a perfect gardenIt does not always depend on the attention and care that we provide, it also depends on the planning we do in advance and the species we choose to plant in our place. Many times we hope that our garden is always blooming, but the only thing we achieve is that the […]

Grow hanging plants | Gardening On

The summer season is coming and with it the high temperatures, which allow us to go out to the balcony and the garden to enjoy a beautiful day in contact with nature. It is the ideal time for us to start taking care of our plants and trying a new way of decoration with hanging […]

Flowers to give to a man

Much has been said about the flowers that are given to women, from the meaning of the colors, the type of species, among other data. However, little is said about flowers to give to a manand although many people who are not a gift to give to people of this gender, let me tell you […]

The flower of wonders | Gardening On

Although many may not know this flower, the flower of wondershas become in recent years one of the favorites of plant lovers and gardening in general. And it is no wonder, its bright colors and easy maintenance make it the favorites of many people dedicated to this art. There are various varieties of this flowereach […]

How to grow miniature roses?

You have probably seen these types of roses in many gardens, which were bred to produce smaller plants and flowers, rather than full-size flowers. At the moment, miniature roseshave become one of the most popular plants among beginner gardeners who prefer to grow roses that generate less effort and less care but above all, that […]

Reproduction of Orchids | Gardening On

Personally, I consider that one of the most beautiful and elegant plants that exist, are the orchids, for me, they are really spectacular. It is important to note that millions of seeds are produced in each of its flowers, so some plants can generate many other flowers. It is for this reason that today, we […]

Get the cactus to bloom

One of the most fascinating, strange and curious plants are cacti, which if you know how you can get a lot out of it. Many people consider these plants very boring and simple, but let me tell you that surely if you think like this you have not seen this flowering plant, since it manages […]

Orchid Dracula Simia: orchid with a monkey face

You have monkey face, vampire fangs and a peculiar orange aroma … It is the Simian draculaan orchid with which Nature surprises us again. These unique flowers come from southeastern Ecuador and the Peruvian forests, where they bloom throughout the year at elevations of 2.000 meters. Discovered in 1978 by the botanist Luer, its scientific […]

Roses made with orange peel

Now that it’s time to orangeswe can take advantage of the skin of this vitamin bomb C full of excellent natural properties, to make Crafts. It is very simple because it is very flexible and when it dries, it leaves a great aroma wherever you place it. These roses made with orange peel have caught […]

Ideal plants for spring | Gardening On

Came the springthe most colorful season of the year. That is why here we provide you with a guide on the seasonal plants that you can have in your garden or patio, to populate it with flowers. 1) Azalea: these famous bushes are in their maximum splendor. There are white, pink, fuchsia and also double […]

Wild rose: Rose hip | Gardening On

Roses are beautiful plants, whose flowers are liked by everyone. There are many kinds of roses, one of these classes being the wild rose or rose hip. This plant is a shrub that can be found on the paths and trails of the forests and that can reach a height of two meters. The wild […]

Wild plants | Gardening On

There are many plants wild that stand out, well for its flowering, good for its properties. For its flowering, we can highlight the Peony or the Primrose, for its properties, the Lavender or the Yarrow. The Peony is also known as bush rose, as this plant is found in any bush or forest. It is […]

Rose and rose bushes care

For many people, a garden without roses it is not a garden. But, as is well known, these aromatic and beautiful flowers can be difficult to grow and attract many pests. Although it is true that they require special attention, take care of the roses It is not as complicated as it seems. Here’s what […]

La Pita, a special flowering plant

The most characteristic plants of the desert are the cactus and crass. The Pita It is a family of succulents that come from Mexico. This plant is very resistant to both very high and very low temperatures. Although it is a plant of warm climates, by what with low temperatures I mean eight or nine […]

Underground orchids, a rare flower

If you would like to grow rare flowers you can think about the Orchids undergrounda variety that is a real find in these times because it is in danger of extinction. The scientific name of the underground orchids es Rhizanthella gardneri and little by little it disappears as its natural habitat is altered. These flowers […]

Getting to know Amorphophallus konjac

The Amorphophallus konjacmore popularly known as Corpse flower, belonging to the genus Arumis a plant bulbous native to the rainforests of Sumatra, in Indonesia, where it lives under the shade of trees. The plant has the bearing of a tree, with a single leaf with several divisions attached to the same stem, green. The trunk, […]

Orchids that have acquired the shape of animals

Well, it is true. They are not animals, but it is true that some of the most elegant plants in the worldorchids, have evolved to look a lot like some of them. Most are native to tropical rainforests, where plants have to work hard if they want to be pollinated so they can continue propagating […]

Cultivation and care of the spectacular Gloriosa superba

In the jungles of tropical Africa we can find a climbing plant, whose flower is spectacular: the Glorious and proud. It is becoming easier to find it in nurseries and garden centers, either as tubers or as a plant. This time, we are going to talk about it. It is a plant with tuberous roots that […]

Cultivation and care of the Desert Rose

The Desert rosewhose scientific name is Adenium Obesum it is a small shrub no more than five meters high. Its origin is in East Africa and southern Arabia. It is very common to find it in collections of cactus and succulent plants for its flowers, which have a high ornamental value. It is a plant […]

The showy flowers of the Bird of Paradise

The spectacular flower of the Bird from paradisewhose scientific name is Queen StrelitziaIs a plant herbaceous perennial that, without a doubt, will give us great satisfaction. Its striking flowers will give a special touch to the place where we place it. The Bird of Paradise grows to a height of approximately two meters. Its leaves […]

Flowers to decorate your garden in autumn

With the arrival of September, summer leaves to give way to, what is for many, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: autumn. The leaves of the trees change color, while various plants brighten the garden with their magnificent flowers. In this article we will see some of the flowers that sprout on […]

Favorite flowers of pollinating insects: bees

Like us, bees also have their preferences, their flowers favorites. It’s something that researchers recently discovered in a comprehensive study that could help increase the population of these important and effective pollinators. As they comment, gardeners will be better able to choose the right plants that, without a doubt, are not the most expensive. In […]

Blue roses, the most desired

Our blue roses They are striking and romantic, until not long ago natural white roses subjected to a special dyeing. However, after many years of stealing color, genetic engineering wanted to design roses blue and this is how he created the Blue Moona variety that arouses interest due to its striking color. Although at first […]

How to grow saffron | Gardening On

The saffron It is a spice, they say that the most expensive in the world, coming from the stigmas of the flower of the plant bulbous Crocus sativus. Although its origins are unclear, it is said that it could come from Persia or southern Turkey. Do you want to know how saffron is grown? Keep […]

Dioc plants: a male and a female flower in different plants

In the Alcatraz Gardens, located in California (United States), a rigorous study of twelve native plants has been carried out. Its leaves have been observed twice a week, flowers, fruits, seeds, … A group of researchers was in charge of each part of the plant. One of the plants that have been studied has been […]

Tips and care of peonies

There are plants that are great allies when it comes to achieving a colorful garden because their flowers remain standing for a long time, giving us joy and beauty. It is the case of peoniesa plant that is recommended to have in the garden in the case of having abundant amount of sun. Is that […]

Lillium, colorful flowers in the garden

Its official name is Lily but in colloquial language this plant is known by the name of Lily or Lily. They are romantic and ethereal plants, and that is why the white version is highly chosen by those brides who seek to reach the altar with a natural and delicate bridal bouquet. However, this species […]

What flowers to give in each special moment of our life

There are flowers of different shapes, types, sizes, colors … And there are also situations or moments in life in which giving one of them is a detail that we value. But many times we have the question: which flower is the most appropriate for this moment? Although in the end we will give the […]

Dalias, information about these beautiful Mexican flowers

Who has not ever fallen in love with these beautiful flowers? The Dahliasconsidered as national flower of MexicoThey are a real beauty. There are numerous varieties, and a few (more and more) cultivars that will make you dream. And it is that, it seems a lie that one flower so elegant, delicate-looking, so easy to […]

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