Rose and rose bushes care

For many people, a garden without roses it is not a garden. But, as is well known, these aromatic and beautiful flowers can be difficult to grow and attract many pests. Although it is true that they require special attention, take care of the roses It is not as complicated as it seems.

Here’s what you should and shouldn’t do to enjoy a garden full of hybrid, vines, miniature or climbing tea roses.

Most roses what we see are hybrid plantsIn other words, they have been obtained from a wild rose pattern to which the desired variety is grafted.

To sow these beautiful flowers, you have to plant the rose bushes in a zig-zag shape to obtain a nice and compact effect. It is very important to consider that roses need a sunny place but taking into account that high temperatures affect them negatively. The ideal is to place them then in a place with a slight shadow part of the day because then they will be very well.

Regarding the compost, these plants need fertilizer at least twice during the growing season. The ideal is an organic bottom fertilizer with manure, compost, mulch and worm castings.

For these flowers to last a long time, it is necessary to cut those that are wilted from the rose bushes so that new roses sprout again. If you leave them, they consume energy in the place where they are planted and they do damage to the other flowers in formation.

The miniature varieties are a good recommendation for pots or to enjoy them on terraces and windows. You must remember that miniature roses They prefer the exterior because they deny the dryness of the interior environment of the house. It is good to bring it indoors during flowering and then, when flowering is over, return it to its original location.

We wish you the best of luck in growing these aromatic and decorative flowers.

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Rose and rose bushes care

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