Geranium x Cantabrigiense

When we talk about geraniums Most of us immediately think of those pretty plants with many flowers in colors like red, pink or salmon. These are actually called pelargoniumsand they are the small cousins ​​of the true geranium.

The first difference we see between them is that geranium (geranium) is perennial, while the Pelargonium it is annual. It is necessary to protect the latter from the cold indoors during the winter. Both one and the other belong to the Geraniaceae family (Geraniaceae), in which the geranium is found as the most numerous variety with more than 300 different species.

One of the oldest varieties of geranium is the Geranium x magnificumwhose flowers They are purplish blue in color, tolerate shade and dry soils, however their flowering it is very ephemeral. Two other novelties of lesser antiquity are the blue-blood and Rosemoorwhose flowering lasts longer.

Geranium x Cantabrigiense

The Geranium x Cantabrigiense It has numerous small pink or white flowers that appear in early summer. It adapts to almost any environmental condition, even in full shade.

In recent years the market for different varieties of geraniums grown in vitro has been invaded. These crops are undoubtedly gaining popularity among geranium lovers. Among the varieties that bloom throughout the summer, it is worth highlighting the tiny monstera derivative of Blood geranium whose vigor and beautiful foliage is unmatched.