Roses are beautiful plants, whose flowers are liked by everyone. There are many kinds of roses, one of these classes being the wild rose or rose hip. This plant is a shrub that can be found on the paths and trails of the forests and that can reach a height of two meters.

The wild rose produces flowers pink in color, although there are also white ones, and they are made up of five petals. These flowers delight us from spring to autumn, the season in which they give way to the fruit of this rose, the rose hip. This one is red in color and inside are the seeds of the dog rose.

East fruit It has great properties, being rich in Vitamin C, having five times more than any citrus. It also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, healing and digestive properties.

To take advantage of these properties there are different ways to take rose hip:

  • Raw or fresh: The seeds of the fruit must be removed and after this, the resulting pulp must be mixed with sugar. This preparation is taken as jam and it is the best use of Vitamin C.
  • Infusion: Add a handful of rose hips, flowers and leaves of the wild rose to a cup of water and wait for it to grass. This infusion is digestive. If the infusion is made only with the leaves of the rose, it will calm the nerves and can even serve as a mild laxative. In addition, wet compresses with this infusion can be applied to eliminate inflammations. If the infusion is only with rose hips, it will be astringent.
  • Tonic: With the flower petals we can prepare a tonic for oily skin. For this, an infusion is prepared, allowed to cool and stored in an airtight container.

For, multiply This plant can be sown the seeds that are inside the rose hip, but you can also try through cuttings.

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