Special on the carnation, the most popular plant

Possibly the most popular decorative flowering plant on balconies and patios. And is that the carnation It is a marvel: it produces very brightly colored petals every season, and it also does so for several months of the year (if the climate is favorable for it, of course). And if that seems little to you, […]

Alyssum Care, Ideal Flowers for Small Gardens

Plants of the genus Alyssum They are very interesting for gardens, especially when you see that you have very few empty spaces left; although they can also be grown in pots. And it is that its size is small, and its flowers … its flowers are wonderful! Knowing its characteristics and its care will be […]

What is the secret to taking good care of Digitalis purpurea?

The plant known as digitalis purpurea It is very popular in temperate climate gardens, because although its life cycle is only two years, it produces such an abundance of flowers that it makes cultivation worthwhile. What’s more, you can even have it in a pot, something that you will surely love to know if you […]

care purple geranium | Gardening On

When we talk about geraniums it is very easy to think of plants with a perfect size both to grow in pots and in the garden. The species that I am going to tell you about next is not far behind: its name is Purple geranium. What is special about this plant? Well, the flowers […]

How to keep the Begonia Dragon Wing well cared for?

The Dragon Wing Begonia It is one of the cultivars most appreciated by those who love flowers: it produces them in large numbers! In addition, if the conditions are right, it can be enjoyed for several years, either in a pot or in the garden. Do you want to know everything about her? If your […]

Characteristics, care and cultivation of Arctotheca calendula

The Arctotheca calendula It is a herbaceous plant native to South Africa, belonging to the Asteraceae family. It is a very showy plant, unfortunately it is a terrible invader. Features This plant that is native to South Africa, was introduced accidentally or for ornamental purposes in other regions such as Australia, the Iberian Peninsula, New […]

Aster care, the most popular flowers

The Aster they are a very, very broad genus of herbs. 2338 species have been described, and although only 214 have been accepted, that number is high enough for all of us to have the chance to enjoy at least one specimen in our lifetime. In addition, live in temperate regions around the worldwhich makes […]

What is the Viola flower like and what does it mean?

Few flowers are as pretty and cheerful during winter-early spring as those produced by plants called pansies. Do you know them? Sure you do: they are usually planted in large numbers in the streets to give them life, and of course, also in the gardens. Do you want to know what are the characteristics of […]

Nazarenes (Muscari Neglectum) care and decoration advice

If you want to decorate your garden with a good range of colors that can be placed in pots and flowerbeds, you have to read this entire article because we are going to talk about the Nazarene. It is a plant whose scientific name is fly neglected and belongs to the Liliaceae family. It is […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Verbena bonariensis

Today we are going to talk about one of the types of verbena known for being a very lively plant and striking for its flowering. This is the purple verbena. Its scientific name is verbena bonariensis and it is quite famous for its ability to attract butterflies and other insects to your garden. This greatly […]

Characteristics, uses and care of plants of the genus Crocus

The gender Crocus the one that contains saffron is known. It is a perennial plant that produces very beautiful flowers every year and is in demand for both decoration and other uses. This genus is commonly known by the name of croco and within this genus is the species known as saffron. Its scientific name […]

Characteristics and care of forget-me-nots

Our do not forget me They are small plants, with flowers of very showy colors that brighten up any corner. Their care is easy, so much so that whether or not you have experience taking care of plant beings, you will surely not have any (or almost no) problems with them. Even so, if you […]

Properties and cultivation of yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Today we are going to talk about a plant with well-known medicinal properties. It is a variety of yarrow commonly called as yarrow. Its scientific name is Achillea millefolium and it also has other common names such as milefolio, milrosas, millefeuille, camomile, piss grass, milk foam, maquilea, flowers, thousand altamisa and a long etcetera. It […]

How to take care of the one-day flower?

The bulbous and similar are plants that produce very cheerful flowers, but they tend to be short-lived. In fact, there is one that is known as day flower precisely because of that, because it is only enjoyed for a few hours. Fortunately, it produces many during its season, so at first it could be an […]

Cultivation and care of hibiscus (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis)

One of the most common plants that have a double function of decoration indoors and outdoors is the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Their common names include hibiscus, China rose, cardinals, kiss flower, and pacific. It is a shrubby plant with multi-purpose flowers. It is widely used for decoration and grown in nurseries. It is used for indoors […]

Everything you need to know about aconite, the poisonous plant

Just as flowers can be incalculable beauty, they can also be just as dangerous because of their toxicity. It is the case of aconite. It is one of the most striking but at the same time poisonous plants that exist. The flowers have a great ornamental value and are used for decoration. However, it is […]

Characteristics and necessary care of Dendrobium nobile

Among both indoor and outdoor decoration plants, the Orchids. A well-known type of orchid is the The noble dendrobium. It is an orchid that belongs to the Dedrobium genus and is sold in any garden center. They are very easy to care for, although it requires some aspects to take into account and its flowering […]

Find out why plant Narcissus in your garden. It will surprise you!!

The flower of Narcissus it owes its name to the Greek word “narke” which means paralysis or stupor. Although the flower is popularly associated or attributed to its name by the narcotic fragrance that emits or by its poisonous nature due to its bulbs. The flowers are commonly yellow or white in many casescharacterized by […]

Meet Erigeron karvinskianus, a very easy-to-care flower plant

Image – Flickr / M. Martin Vicente The plant known by the scientific name erected karvinskianus It is small, which means that its cultivation in pots and gardens is perfectly viable, and it also produces flowers of very varied colors, something that will undoubtedly bring joy to the place where you are. If we talk […]

Characteristics, care and planting of Vinca major

Perfect for garden decoration due to its varied color in shades between blue and purple. vinca major it is one of the plants that is worth having. It is known by the common name of periwinkle and it is a perennial spreading vine with flowers that vary in these colors. The flowers will make you […]

Selection of 12 bulbous plants that bloom in spring

When spring arrives, the plants resume their growth, and many flourish. The temperatures are very pleasant, so much so that it is inevitable to want to be outside, in the open air, and spend a few moments simply observing our crops. But if there is something that can improve our experience even more, it is […]

Characteristics and necessary care of zinnia

Today we are going to talk about one of the most colorful and beautiful flowers that you can have in your garden. It’s about the Zinnia. It may not sound familiar to you by its name, but if you have a garden and want to decorate it, you will surely fall in love as you […]

What are the care for a coronary anemone?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Wednesday The plant known by the scientific name of Coronary anemone It is one of the perennial herbs that are most cultivated, due to the beauty of its flowers and how easy it is to maintain, since it is also perfect to have in pots or small corners as it […]

Learn to take care of Astilbe, a plant that will make your life happy

The astilbe It is a plant that produces a large number of flowers that, grouped in inflorescences of a very interesting size, make it a highly cultivated botanical genus, both in pots and planters and directly in gardens. It does not need complicated maintenance; in fact, it is considered to be suitable for beginners Well, […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Tagete erecta

One of the flowers whose cultivation is very simple and has good results in the color it brings to the garden is the marigold. In this case, we are going to focus on the species Tagete erect. It is widely used in the garden within the group of spring and summer season plants. It is […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Diplotaxis erucoides

Today we are going to talk about a plant that is naturally found in the fields of Murcia both at medium and low levels. It’s about radish. Its scientific name is Erucoid diplomaxis and it is known by other common names as edge caterpillar. It is a plant with a not very large size and […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Saxifraga granulata

Within the species that belong to the genus Saxifrage we find some that are widely used for gardening. One of them is the granulated saxifrage. It is known by the common name of white saxifraga. It needs some more sophisticated care if we want to have it in good condition. Therefore, in this article we […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Hydrangea paniculata

Our hydrangeas They are well known plants for their high ornamental value. They are perfect for decorating both indoors and outdoors. In this case, we are going to talk about a variety of hydrangea that is known as Hydrangea paniculata. It is one of the strongest and most resistant hydrangea species out there. Depending on […]

Characteristics, uses and care of Lobelia erinus

The gender Lobelia It is composed of about 400 species of flowers that are distributed mainly between the tropical and temperate zones of many parts of the world. There are varieties that we can grow in somewhat colder climates but, in general, they are plants that like warmer climates. Today in question we are going […]

Characteristics and necessary care of Tillandsia cyanea

Each garden must have a decoration according to the style of each person. Many are the species of plants whose flowering adds very beautiful colors and that improves the aesthetics completely. One of these plants is the tillandsia cyanea. Its common name is the pink feather. It is a plant whose flowers have a quite […]

Discover Begonia semperflorens, a plant that blooms all year round

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Mariiapolido Almost in all probability, the begonia semperflorens it is the species of the genus easier to care for. But in addition to that, it is also one of the ones that spends the most time blooming. Although their flowers are rather small, they appear in such numbers that it […]

How to take care of Digitalis or Foxgloves? We will tell you;)

The digitalis They are herbs that produce very showy flowers, not only because they have good-sized inflorescences, but also because they are beautifully colored. In addition, they are very attractive to insects as beneficial as bees, which will not hesitate to go in search of pollen from other plants. The genre is very interesting also […]

Do you want to enjoy Dendrobium kingianum? Pay close attention

The Dendrobium Kingianum It is a species of the lithophyte type, of the Orchidaceae family and is endemic to Australia, this being a very attractive little orchid. Their colonies can be seen in colors ranging from pink to white. It thrives on rocks, although it can also grow among decaying foliage in rock crevices. To […]

The corpse flower (Amorhophallus titanum). Characteristics and care

One of the rarest plants in the world and classified as the largest flower in the world is the protagonist of today’s article. It’s about the Amorhophallus titanum. It is known by the common names of giant hoop or corpse flower because of the unpleasant smell it gives off. It is native to the rainforests […]

Do you know the orchid called Cattleya trianae or May lily?

The Cattleya trianae es a beautiful orchid of the genus Cattleya with epiphytic habitthat is, it develops on other plants without feeding on them. Also known as Christmas Orchid or May Flower. This is a flower of the mountain ranges of Colombia declared as the national flower of that country since 1936. Hence, it is […]

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