How to take care of Digitalis or Foxgloves? We will tell you;)

The digitalis They are herbs that produce very showy flowers, not only because they have good-sized inflorescences, but also because they are beautifully colored. In addition, they are very attractive to insects as beneficial as bees, which will not hesitate to go in search of pollen from other plants.

The genre is very interesting also because of its low maintenance. Ideal for beginners, and for all those who want to give color to their garden or patio. Next we tell you their care.

Origin and characteristics

Foxglove flowers can be white

Known as foxgloves, they are herbs and shrubs native to Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa. They are characterized above all by their inflorescences, which are composed of tubular flowers of various colors (pink, white, pink) which sprout in spring-summer. Depending on the species, these can be quite large, up to 1 meter in height, so they are very, very striking.

The leaves grow in oval rosettes, and are hairy, green in color. All parts of the plant contain digitalis, which is a glycoside that is used as a cardiotonic – under medical prescription.

Main species

The most popular are:

Digitalis lanata

View of the Digitalis lanata

It is a perennial plant native to Eastern Europe that reaches between 30 and 60 centimeters. The leaves form rosettes of green color, and its flowers are white or pale ocher in spring.

Dark digitalis

View of the Digitalis obscura in flower

It is known as corregia or black foxglove, and it is a plant native to the Iberian Peninsula and northwestern Morocco (Rif area) that reaches 50-60cm in height. It produces reddish stems, from which alternate and elongated leaves sprout, leathery and green to the touch. The flowers are pinkish-reddish, and they bloom in spring.

digitalis purpurea

View of the Digitalis purpurea in habitat

It is the most popular. It is known as foxglove, digital, cartridge, sucker, glove of Our Lady, San Juan, bilicroques, gauntlet, staxon or viluria. It is native to Europe, Northwest Africa, and Central and Western Asia.

It has a life cycle of two years: the first grows, and the second blooms and bears fruit. It reaches a height of 1 meter or morewith purple inflorescences that sprout in summer.

Where to buy?

You can get it at nurseries and garden stores. If you are looking for seeds you can get them from here!.

The Digitalis purpurea plant can be grown in a pot
How to take care of Digitalis or Foxgloves? We will tell you;)

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