Characteristics and care of Lewisia

Love small plants with great big flowers? So, the Lewis it will end up being one of your favorites, for sure. It does not exceed 5 centimeters in height, but when it blooms it is a spectacle that you will not be able to stop contemplating. In addition, it is perennial, which means that it […]

Characteristics, care and properties of chamomile

Today we are going to talk about a plant whose cultivation and care are quite rewarding. It’s about chamomile. Its scientific name is noble chameleon and it is also known by the common name chamomile. It is widely used for its medicinal properties. Its origin takes place in the Mediterranean and belongs to the Asteraceae […]

Campanula carpathica care guide | Gardening On

Flowers are a real wonder: they give color and joy wherever they are, they attract beneficial insects for the garden such as bees or butterflies, and they give us an extra reason to smile. But if they also belong to perennials, things improve … and a lot, which is just what happens with Campanula carpathica. […]

Characteristics, care and cultivation of the anemone

Today we are going to talk about a flower that gives us a wide variety of types of names. It’s about the anemone. His scientific name is Anemone and 120 known species are known to bloom throughout the year. They can be found in many countries in Europe and in North American areas, and even […]

Characteristics and uses of the saffron flower

Few bulbous flowers are as popular as crocus. Its delicate purple petals, with the orange-reddish pistils, make it a spectacular flower, the kind that you would like to be able to enjoy every day of the year. The most interesting of all is that, although it can only be seen in spring, the maintenance of […]

Characteristics and care of Campanula carpatica (bluebells)

When the cold winter ends and the warmer spring begins, gardens and home interiors are invaded with a beautiful flower. This flower is the campanula carpathica. Its common name is campanula or bluebells and it has a flashing blue color that serves as decoration. These flowers are very abundant and a good choice if we […]

The alstromelia, a magnificent flowering plant

Alstroemeria aurantiaca The plants known as alstromelia They are magnificent: they produce brightly colored flowers, ideal for decorating any corner of the garden, patio or even the balcony. As there are also many varieties and they are very inexpensive, it is very easy to have a beautiful collection. If you want to know them more […]

Chinese carnation, a flower plant suitable for beginners

Who has not ever seen the Chinese carnation? It is a small plant that can be kept in a pot throughout its life, or if you prefer, in the garden together with other specimens. In addition, it is so easy to care that even children will enjoy it. So I don’t go into the introduction […]

Scadoxus, spectacular African flowers | Gardening On

Bulbous plants are wonderful, because although they only bloom during a specific period of the year, they are easy to care for and maintain. In addition, some are very curious like the scadoxus. And it is that the inflorescences that they produce attract so much attention that it is not difficult to have a very […]

Characteristics and cultivation of Bougainvillea (Bougainvillea glabra)

Today we are going to talk about the Bougainvillea. It is a climbing plant that forms a trunk over the years. Its scientific name is Bougainvillea glabra. It is also known by its other common names such as Buganvilia, Boganvilla, Trinitaria, Bugenvil, Dania, Flor de papel, Santa rita and Veranilla. It is a beautiful ornamental […]

All about tuberose | Gardening On

The spikenard It is a beautiful plant that produces flowers that are normally of a pristine white color that attracts a lot of attention. Although it can be seen in all its splendor only at a certain time of year, its beauty is such that it is always liked to have it on the patio […]

How is celandine grown and what are its uses?

Celandine is a very interesting herbaceous plant: It has a remarkable ornamental value, but its medicinal properties are also not far behind. It is one of those plant beings that can be enjoyed in a pot or in the garden. So if you want to know everything about it, in this article I will tell […]

Types of bulbs and their differences Types of bulbs and their differences

Speaking of bulbs or bulbous plants Beautiful plants such as tulips, gladioli, irises, dahlias, caladiums, etc. come to mind. Some are true bulbs, in the correct use of botanical terminology, while others are not. Despite this, in gardening and landscaping, the term bulb is used to describe a wide variety of plants geophytes and their […]

Cretonne (Coleu Blumei): Characteristics, requirements and care

Today we are going to talk about a plant of tropical origin that has always been widely used to decorate home interiors. It’s about the chintz. It is also known as choleus. Its scientific name is Coleus blumei and it is a plant with great beauty and ornamental strength. It is grown mainly indoors because […]

Characteristics and properties of Carlina acaulis

The carlina caulis it is a plant with excellent properties and health benefits. Many people used it in the old days as a hygrometer in forecasting the weather. It is a plant that is related to a legend in the story of Charlemagne. With it you can make infusions and obtain health benefits. In this […]

How to have healthy flower beds?

Flowers … What to say about them? They have such diverse colors and shapes that it is impossible that there is not one that we love. In addition, if they are well combined they make the corner where we put them look spectacular. But Would you like to know how to have healthy flower beds? […]

Orchid care after flowering | Gardening On

Plants are the perfect decoration for the garden and home, especially when they are floral. In the world there is a wide diversity of genres and species of floral plants of varied colors and shapes, some more exuberant than others and even with different aromas that characterize each one of them. That is why the […]

Rosa rugosa: characteristics, care and more

Do you like roses? I love them. Walking along a path marked by these wonderful plants makes me feel great, especially if they are in bloom. And it is that, in addition to having a great ornamental value, they are very easy to care for. But … when looking for other species, you may easily […]

How to grow geraniums indoors

Geraniums are wonderful flowering plants, which in addition to having a very long flowering season are very easy to care for. And, although they are normally kept outdoors, they can also be grown indoors if we provide them with the proper care. So if you don’t have a patio or garden, or if you just […]

Babiana: characteristics and care of a precious flower

The Babiana It is a beautiful bulbous plant that for several years can be producing flowers each season. The most interesting thing, apart from its great ornamental value, is that it is very easy to care for to the point that it can be kept both in a pot and in the garden. If you […]

Autumn Bulbous Plant Care | Gardening On

Bulbous plants have a very special “something”. Most only flower for a few days a year, but they are so pretty that you can’t help but ignore them. If we add to that its easy cultivation and maintenance, it is not surprising that sometimes we want to start a beautiful collection of these flowers. But […]

All about Cambria orchids | Gardening On

Image – Cambria orchids are gorgeousand very easy to keep indoors, even more so than popular ones like Phalaenopsis. However, few know that they are actually hybrid plants; that is, they do not belong to a botanical genus that exists as such -for now, at least-, but are the result of crosses of specimens […]

All about Impatiens walleriana | Gardening On

The Impatiens walleriana It is one of the most cultivated flower plants, and it is not for less: it is the perfect size so that it can be in a pot throughout its life, and it also produces very decorative flowers. Its maintenance is simple, since in fact it does not take much to enjoy […]

All about the Dimorphoteca, the most adaptable flower

The dimorphoteca it is a very beautiful flowering plant, easy to care for and adaptable. In fact, I can tell you from experience that once it has been planted in the ground for a year, it withstands drought well … and in my area it only rains in spring and autumn for a few days. […]

Characteristics and care of the royal poppy

The royal poppy or poppy is a herb well known to all, although perhaps for what it should be known. Its flowers are very ornamental, and it is for this reason that it is very interesting to have it in a pot or in the garden. However, to really know it it is important that […]

How to care for the Cypripedium calceolus orchid?

Orchids are the strangest and most beautiful plants. There are those who consider them the princesses of the garden, since their flowers, of bright colors and curious shapes, stand out from the rest. But there is one that is even more beautiful if possible. Its scientific name is Cypripedium calceolus. Although there are many who […]

Characteristics of the Adonis vernalis

Did you know that there are many herbaceous plants that, in addition to being precious and easy to care for, have medicinal properties? One of them is the one known by the scientific name Adonis Vernaluswhich produces yellow flowers of good size and spectacular beauty. Its rapid growth makes it one of those plants that […]

Characteristics and care of the martagon

The bulbous plants, although they produce flowers that last only a few days or weeks, are of impressive beauty. Those of the genus Lilium are one of the most popular; Not surprisingly, its curious, brightly colored petals sprout easily year after year. But without a doubt one of the most beautiful is the martagon. It […]

Bouvardia ternifolia: characteristics, care and uses

Surely you have ever seen a flower with a trumpet shape and a great color that attracts and greatly enhances the ornamental value of the area where it is placed. Well, it’s about the Bouvardia ternifolia. It is well known for its peculiar shape of the trumpet flowers and with the very powerful scarlet red. […]

Characteristics and care of the Coryanthes speciosa

Orchids are wonderful plants. They produce flowers of extraordinary beauty, but there are some that attract more attention than others. One of them is the Coryanthes speciosawhich is native to the rainforests of South America. There is not much for sale, unless they are specialized nurseries, but this does not mean that it is difficult […]

Characteristics and care of Anthemis tinctoria

There are herbaceous plants that look so much alike that it’s no wonder we’ve given them the same common name. It is what happens with the Anthems tincturewhich is known as yellow chamomile since it produces flowers very, very similar to that of chamomile or noble chameleon. But unlike this one, our protagonist does not […]

Characteristics, cultivation, diseases and pests of Laelia tenebrosa

The genus Laelia has 23 species and is a plant that is found within the family Orchidaceae, tribe Epidendreae and sub-tribe Eriinae. It is geographically distributed in the lowlands of the American continentspecifically in the following countries, Belize, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela. Temperate or subtropical climateIt […]

Find out how to care for wild daffodils

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang The flowers known as wild daffodils They are bulbous plants that we can find in Spain, and, if I may say so, they are some of the most beautiful of the genus. Their yellow color attracts a lot of attention, to the point that it would not […]

Ornithoghalum, some of the most decorative bulbous

O. nodding. Image – Wikimedia / TeunSpaans The Ornithogalum They are plants that, at first glance, do not seem to have a great ornamental value to say, but when the flowering season arrives you realize that they are a most interesting option to give a little color to the patio, balcony or terrace. Although its […]

Do you want to know the history of the English Roses or David Austin?

One of the most significant horticultural societies in the world located in the Albrighton countryside in England, was founded in 1969 by David Charles Henshaw Austinwriter and producer of roses. It is the David Austin Roses Research Center, a family business for generations. Since its creation has grown more than 190 crops of new roseswhose […]

Learn about the care of the flower of Santiago, a spectacular bulbous

Image – Wikimedia Commons / LucaLuca The Santiago flower It is a magnificent bulbous that, with minimal care, will make you fall in love year after year. The red color of its petals combined with the easily manageable size make this a plant of exceptional ornamental interest. If your patio, garden or home urgently needs […]

What is the invasive Hedychium gardnerianum like?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Forest & Kim Starr There are rhizomatous plants that are very pretty, but also invasive. One of them is the Hedychium gardnerianumwhich is native to the Himalayas. With a height of up to two meters, it produces very pretty yellow inflorescences. Being included in the Invasive Species Catalog, It is […]

How to care for Vinca difformis?

Image – Wikimedia / Nanosanchez The Vinca difformis It is an ideal plant for patios and terraces, and even to make the garden have a very special corner. In addition, it is an excellent floor covering, so if you have one that you want to give color to, do not miss the opportunity to get […]

How to enjoy Primula obconica?

Image – Flickr / Stefano Few plants are as beautiful as the Primula obconica they can grow well in low light conditions. This one is also small, which is great because it means that it is suitable for growing in pots, and as if that were not enough, it adapts to living indoors. But so […]

Caring for Paeonia lactiflora, the flower most resistant to cold

The Paeonia lactiflora It is a magnificent plant that produces flowers that are especially popular since they are large, with very cheerful colors, so giving life to the area where the family will spend very good times will not be difficult with it. Its maintenance is simple if the weather is good. Being native to […]

Caring for Pentas lanceolata, a wonderful garden flower

Can you imagine walking through your garden and finding a wonderful flowerbed in a corner or along the paths? Well, stop dreaming: achieving that will not be difficult with the pentas lanceolate. Although it is considered an annual growing plant, which means that its beauty can only be enjoyed for a few months, its multiplication […]

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