Love small plants with great big flowers? So, the Lewis it will end up being one of your favorites, for sure. It does not exceed 5 centimeters in height, but when it blooms it is a spectacle that you will not be able to stop contemplating.

In addition, it is perennial, which means that it lives for several years. So… What are you waiting to learn more about it? : )

What are its origin and characteristics?

Lewisia cotyledon in Habitat

Lewisia is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants native to America. As we anticipated, it hardly grows to 5 centimeters. It forms a rosette of leaves that is about 5-6cm long that are green in color. In late spring / early summer it develops a flower stalk at the end of which the flower sprouts, which can be whitish to pink. The fruit is an egg-shaped capsule inside which there are between 6 and 20 rounded seeds.

Their growth rate is quite fast, which added to their small size make them great plants to have in pots throughout their lives.

How do you take care of yourself?

Lewis was tweedy

If you want to get a copy, we recommend providing the following care:

  • Location: outside, in full sun. If possible, you have to give it direct light all day.
  • Earth:
    • Pot: universal growing substrate mixed with perlite in equal parts.
    • Garden: grows in all types of soils, even those that have been eroded by floods.
  • Irrigation: water every 2 days during the hottest season of the year and every 4-5 days the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: fertilize with specific fertilizers for flower plants -on sale in garden stores and nurseries- following the indications specified on the product packaging.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in autumn or spring. Direct sowing in seedbed.
  • Rusticity: withstands cold and frosts down to -6ºC.

What did you think of the Lewisia? Have you heard of her?