Characteristics and properties of Carlina acaulis

The carlina caulis it is a plant with excellent properties and health benefits. Many people used it in the old days as a hygrometer in forecasting the weather. It is a plant that is related to a legend in the story of Charlemagne. With it you can make infusions and obtain health benefits.

In this article we will focus on explaining the characteristics and properties of Carlina. Do you want to know what they are?


Medicinal properties

It is a plant with a stiff, evergreen stem. It can measure up to about 20 cm in height. Almost flush, close to the ground, a rosette of prickly cut leaves sprouts, and broad and fleshy bracts, very similar to those of the thistle. The flower head is in the center of the rosette.

The fruits that are obtained from this plant they are called achenes and it has the characteristics of not withering. It is capable of maintaining its freshness and its beauty always. In some parts of the world it is consumed as a vegetable. Excessive harvesting by humans has put this plant in danger of extinction.

Collection and properties

Carlina acaulis seeded

The root is collected, cleaning it carefully and removing the green parts. It is left to dry at temperatures of around 35º C. and is subsequently stored in hermetic bags.

Regarding its properties, it was applied in dermal eruptions against plague, fever, and against intestinal parasites. This is because the active principles of the plant have 50% inulin and essential oils. If you make an infusion with this plant you will have benefits since it is diuretic, stomachic and diaphoretic.

In some countries it is used as a culinary aid. If we want to benefit from its medicinal properties, we just have to make a preparation by boiling the Carlina roots in wine or vinegar and use that liquid on the affected surfaces. due to eczema, mycosis or other dermal conditions.

As you can see, Carlina is quite a plant with good benefits to have at home.

Characteristics and properties of Carlina acaulis

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