How to grow geraniums indoors

Geraniums are wonderful flowering plants, which in addition to having a very long flowering season are very easy to care for. And, although they are normally kept outdoors, they can also be grown indoors if we provide them with the proper care.

So if you don’t have a patio or garden, or if you just want to color your home, then I’ll explain how to grow geraniums indoors.

Put them in a bright room

Geranium flowers

In order for geraniums to grow and develop well, it is very important that they are placed in a room where a lot of natural light enters, since they need light to be healthy and also to produce their beautiful flowers. Of course, if we have a window through which the sun’s rays pass directly into the interior, we should NOT put the plants right in front as they would burn as a result of the magnifying glass effect.

Control irrigation

The frequency of watering will depend a lot on how long the substrate remains wet. Indoors, it is normal to water less than outdoors, since the soil takes longer to dry. To avoid problems we must check how it is before wateringFor example, inserting a thin wooden stick all the way to the bottom (if it comes out with a lot of adhering soil when removing it, we will not water it), or weighing the pot once watered and again after a few days (as wet soil weighs more than dry , this difference in weight will serve as a guide to know when to water).

And by the way: do not wet leaves or flowersotherwise they would be spoiled.

Fertilize throughout the growing season

Water is as necessary as “food” to be well. Thus, we must pay the geraniums from early spring to late summer / early fall with ecological fertilizers or with those specific to these plants. In any case, they must be liquid so that the substrate does not lose water filtration capacity.

Transplant them every two springs


People often fall into the error of thinking that the plants they sell us can be in those pots forever, but that is not the case. Geraniums are plants that, it is true, are rather small, but if they remain in the same container for too long the roots will absorb all the nutrients until they find no more. Once this happens, growth will stop and health will deteriorate. To avoid it, nothing like transplant them every two years.

I hope that with these tips you can really enjoy your geraniums indoors .

How to grow geraniums indoors

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