What is the Narcissus flower like and when does it sprout?

The Narcissus is a flower that we can grow well both indoors and outdoorsin addition to gardens, balconies, vases or also on terraces. The Narcissus is a plant that has a bulb shape and at the same time it has a variety that is between an approximate of about 40 different species. What is the […]

Galtonia, a bulbous pot or garden

The galtonia It is a bulbous native of South Africa that produces spectacular inflorescences. Due to its place of origin, it is a plant that is very easy to care for since it does not need very frequent waterings, so we can say without mistake that it is suitable for beginners. If you want to […]

How to care for hydrangea in winter?

We know hydrangeas as a flower plant which originates from the countries of Asia and Europe. Its growth is in the form of a vine and its main characteristics are its huge leaves, in addition to its large number of flowers that are quite large. These are plants that require a lot of care frequently […]

Tajinaste, the flower that most decorates the gardens

The tajinas It is a plant with an annual cycle, that is, it germinates, grows, produces flowers and seeds, and finally withers in two years. Despite its short life, it is a herbaceous plant with which you can have a perfectly decorated garden, as it produces a huge number of inflorescences. It is a easy […]

Selection of flowers for a winter garden

During the winter, the vast majority of plants are asleep, without flowers or almost fruits, but there are some that, on the contrary, are now when they resume their growth and produce very bright and cheerful colored petals. Although there are few, we we have selected for you the most beautiful flowers for a winter […]

Gazania, a flowering plant that opens with the sun

The gain It is a small but very decorative herbaceous plant, and one of the most curious: its flowers only open with the sun and remain hidden at night and, also, when the sky is covered with clouds. It is very easy to care for and grow, since it can be kept both in a […]

Curiosities of geraniums | Gardening On

Geraniums are one of the best-known flowering plants in the world. Their rapid growth and easy cultivation have made them one of the most loved by everyone, since they can also be grown both in pots and in the garden. Next I’m going to tell you some curiosities about geraniums that will surely surprise you. […]

When to water the orchid?

Who has not ever had an orchid at home? Surely few people. Either because it has been a gift or a desired purchase, this plant has almost always ended up decorating the interior of a home. And it is very, very pretty. But also complicated. In order to be healthy, you need a series of […]

When to plant cane of the Indies

The reed is an extraordinarily decorative rhizomatous plant that is very easy to care for. It has a fairly fast growth rate, so it is always a good ideal to try to get ahead of the season and plant it in a pot protected from the cold. If you also want to have a specimen […]

Characteristics and care of the African Daisy

Also known as Arctotis, the African daisy is native to South Africawhere the soil is dry, stony and sandy; even so the plant is perennial. Although it is true that in its natural environment its foliage is maintained throughout the year, in other regions the African daisy is grown annually; Furthermore, its ornamental flower is […]

How to fertilize dahlias | Gardening On

Our dahlias some beautiful Mexican flowers. Big, showy, colorful and very happy. They come in various forms (simple, double, pom-pom, daisy …). And the most interesting thing still: they are very easy to care for. But as always happens if they are not fertilized … they may not produce as many flower buds as we […]

Characteristics, care and uses of Chrysanthemum Segetum

The Chrysanthemum Crop or ChrysanthemumIt is a millenary plant whose flowers have always been highly appreciated, it is native to China, later expanding to Japan, since in both countries it has great cultural value. Over time, the Chrysanthemum has become one of the favorite flowers to honor the deceasedserving as an ornament for their graves […]

Iris germanica, the common garden lily

One of the most common bulbous plants in gardens, but no less beautiful, is the German iris. And it is that in addition to having a high ornamental value, it is one of those species that is really easy to care for, whether it is kept in the ground or in a pot. Meeting her […]

Characteristics, cultivation and care of Amarillys belladonna

The Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily, is a bulbous plant native to South Africa and in this post we will provide you with details of how to grow, care for and what characteristics the Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily. How to grow Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily This bulbous requires a preferably soft substrate, rich […]

Freesia, one of the most fragrant spring flowers

Freesia is a bulbous plant of extraordinary beauty. It produces flowers of such vivid and intense colors that it is a real joy to be able to have them and contemplate them in the garden or on the patio, since it is also very easy to care for. You don’t need much to be happy […]

Characteristics and care of Albuca spiralis

Image – Turn-it-tropical.co.uk There are plants that attract our attention just by looking at them, as is the case of the Albuca spiralis. His surname already gives us a lot of information about what it is like and that its leaves do not have a common development, but rather grow in a spiral. Its cultivation […]

How to water the flowers in winter?

Flowers in winter have to face a serious problem: low temperatures. The petals are generally very delicate and sensitive to cold, and much more to frost, so the watering has to be done bearing in mind a series of things that I am going to tell you next. It is so important to know how […]

Hollyhock care | Gardening On

The hollyhock or royal mallow as it is also known, is a plant that comes from the Mediterranean, which adapts very well to marine gardens and that are subjected to salt, to give us very intense flowers throughout the summer. Usually we are very used to hearing about hollyhock plant especially to use it in […]

What to do to care for flowers

Do you love flowers? They are, without a doubt, very cheerful, with such vivid colors. In addition, having a shallow root system, they can be grown in pots throughout their lives, either alone or in groups. However, you have to know a few things to make them look perfect. And I’m going to talk to […]

How to plant bulbs in pots

The bulbous flowers are very pretty, and many of them also have a very pleasant aroma. But, is it true that in order to enjoy them they have to be planted in the ground? The reality is that it doesn’t have to. In fact, you can have a very cheerful balcony, patio or terrace thanks […]

Selection of the most beautiful flowers for the garden

Flowers are what make a garden live. They are those that color the exterior of our house and those that mark the passage of time, the arrival of heat or, on the contrary, the cold winter. For your garden to be full of beautiful and showy flowers it is necessary to know them a little […]

Wallflower, the flower that brightens spring

The wallflower It is one of those plants that can be found for sale in any nursery, garden store and even online at almost any time of the year. Why? Well, there is no single answer: it is very easy to care for, it resists cold, it is easily multiplied by seeds, and it is […]

Odontoglossum, a very grateful orchid

Image – Wikimedia / Arne and Bent Larsen The orchid Odontoglossum It is one of the most interesting for beginners, especially for those who live in areas where the lowest temperatures are around ten degrees Celsius. In addition, with a minimum of care it is very easy to have it perfect. Just you need to […]

Characteristics and care of Antirrhinum

The Antirrhine it is a very pretty flower that needs very little to keep well. In addition, it has a very high ornamental value, since it not only reaches a more than interesting height to be able to plant it in the garden or in a pot, but it also produces very curious and cheerful […]

Selection of beautiful spring flowers

Looking for beautiful spring flowers? It is difficult to find the most beautiful ones… because they all are! So we are going to select some that are very easy to find in nurseries and that also the care they require are suitable for beginners. That said, regardless of whether you want to have them in […]

Characteristics, cultivation and care of the forest hyacinth

The Forest hyacinth which has as a scientific name Hyacinthoides non-scriptWe know it as a species that has its origin in the countries of Europe and belongs to the styloid subfamily. Characteristics of the Forest Hyacinth As with the other species belonging to the styloid subfamily, the Hyacinth from the woods it is a long-lasting […]

The best garden flowers | Gardening On

Garden flowers are precious plantswhich become even prettier at some point in the year. Therefore, it is very interesting to have some to give color and life, and incidentally to attract some beneficial insects that can help us, and a lot, in the garden. If you are starting with your little paradise, you are probably […]

Begonia, the most popular indoor plants

Our begonia They are very beautiful and popular flowering plants, ideal for decorating the interior of a home. But the truth is that it is very difficult to choose one: of the 1.500 species that currently exist, 150 are marketed for use in gardening, in addition to the 10.000 varieties and hybrids that are discovered […]

What is the carnation flower like?

We know the Carnation as a plant that is herbaceous and that it has its origin in the Mediterranean region, although it is also quite well known in the Iberian Peninsula. This is a flower belonging to what is the order of the Caryophyllalesfrom the family of Caryophyllaceae and generally most species maintain their flowering […]

How to choose the pots for orchids?

Orchids are very beautiful plants, but when we acquire them we often wonder if we have to leave them in those pots or if it is better to change them. The truth is that this has a lot of logic, since they are not always in the containers that they should be. It is not […]

The ideal fertilizer for orchids

If you are an orchid lover, you will know that these plants require special care and they are complex to take care of in most of their diversities. The fertilizers and fertilizers are an important support in the contribution of nutrients that allow the orchid to develop properly and obtain the beautiful flowering that you […]

The vallota, a beautiful garden plant

Image – Júlio Reis Do you like red flowers? And without also big? Having something like this in the garden is wonderful, since the color red is a color that draws a lot of attention to humans. And it is so beautiful …, above all, when combined with healthy green leaves of a plant that […]

What is the hibiscus flower like?

The word “hibiscus” refers to a series of shrubs or small trees originating in Asia that are characterized by producing flowers that, although they last very little, are some of the most beautiful in the plant kingdom. In fact, their beauty is such that they are widely cultivated in all the warm-temperate and tropical regions […]

Characteristics and care of Miltonia

The Miltonia orchid has a total of nine species from Brazil, although previously some from Colombia and Peru were included, but now only those from Brazil belong to this genus. Miltonia is distinguished by particular beauty that it hasfor a pleasant perfume and for certain differences regarding the cultivation. The correct cultivation of these plants […]

Pitimini rose, a small shrub with precious flowers

Do you love rose bushes but don’t have much space for them? Do not worry! There is a type of these plants that can be kept in pots or planters throughout their lives, and even in very small gardens: the pitimini rose bushes or mini rose bushes. Their care is not difficult (in fact, they […]

Characteristics and care of red lilies

The red lily, which is also known by the name of candelar lily, is a flower that belongs to the genus Pandarthus and that in turn belongs to the Irideas family. Characteristics of red lilies Red lilies have leaves that are shaped like a sword. The scientific name that this plant has is Hippeastrum puniceum […]

The lupine plant, beautiful and easy to care for

Image – Flickr / Manuel MV Lupins are very decorative plants that produce interesting spring flowers to brighten up a garden or patio. In addition, it has leaves that only increase its ornamental value by being webbed. But of course, we can decide to buy a few copies, but if we do not provide them […]

Bergenia, a beautiful flowering plant

Bergenia is a beautiful flower plant that is very easy to care for. Ideal to have on balconies, patios, terraces or gardens, it is one of those plant beings that will be a pleasure to have and enjoy, because its maintenance is quite simple. However, it is not well known yet, so we hope to […]

The ‘Mister Lincoln’ rose, the one that will perfume your home the most

Image – Cambridgeincolour.com The roses are all beautiful: some white, some pink, some bicolor… without forgetting the red ones. Of the latter, the ‘Mister Lincoln’ is one of the most beloved, since its perfume is really intoxicating. Its maintenance and care is not difficult, which makes having it a great experience. Let’s see what the […]

Dandelion, a common but incredibly pretty flower

The dandelion it is one of the most common herbs in temperate regions of Europe. The design and color of its flowers are very similar to that of many other plants. Maybe that’s why there are those who pick up the hoe as soon as they go out in your garden. But the truth is […]

Classification and characteristics of the types of flowers that exist

On our planet there are millions of types of plants and flowers. Normally, the most beautiful flowers are those chosen to decorate gardens, interiors, public spaces and buildings. However, do you know how many different types of flowers are there and how are they classified? If you want to know the types of flowers that […]

Care and characteristics of the Iris Flower

The Iris flower comes from the iridaceae family, its scientific name is Germanic iris, a name that honors the “rainbow” since the plant produces flowers of various colors (purple, yellow, red, white and mottled). To this Iris flower, native to the European continent, it is known very well by the name of Lirio and also […]

Characteristics and care of the Tajinaste del Teide

The Teide tajinas It is a very curious plant that produces an inflorescence that can measure from 1 to 3 meters. For this reason, many people want to be able to enjoy it in their garden, since it also does not require much care. If you are one of them, then I will explain everything […]

How are orange gerberas cared for?

The gerbera is a plant that produces beautiful daisy-shaped flowers. There are red, pink, yellow and of course orange. Although each and every one of them can be had for example on the balcony or to decorate the patio tables, the one with the petals dyed in orange tones is undoubtedly one of the most […]

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