Characteristics, cultivation and care of the forest hyacinth

Characteristics of the Forest Hyacinth

Characteristics of the forest hyacinth

The stems of this plant have a measure about 10 to 13 centimeters in length with a top that is sloping.

The flowers produced by the Forest Hyacinth are of a blue color similar to that of lavender flowers, which in turn last, have a shape similar to that of a bell, have a slight fragrance and also some antennas that are white with shades of yellow.

Its flowering time takes place in the months of May and Aprilwhere this plant covers a large amount of the forests of the countries of Europe as a kind of carpet full of flowers.

It is quite common that hybrids can be found with a species that is closely related (H. hispánica), which differs by the width of its flowers as well as having a less pendulous appearance, sometimes with antennae of a slightly darker color such as pale purple in the case of H. hispánica which are pure and also leaves that are much wider.

It is possible to find certain varieties, usually in the colors pink or also white, as for example is the case of the Forest hyacinth Alba.

Forest hyacinth care and cultivation

If we refer to the cultivation of hyacinth in water, it is best to have special containers that are called hyacinthsthat we can find them in any store that is specialized. Said container has a fairly slight constriction in its upper part.

Once we have the hyacinth, we must place the bulb in the part that is longestin this way we can prevent it from having contact with water. If we want to observe an improvement in the growth of the hyacinth, we have to change the water at least every 15 days and place a piece of charcoal inside it or it can also be a teaspoon of salt.

Forest hyacinth care and cultivation

In the case of grow this plant outsideThese will have a greater benefit by absorbing sunlight directly, with a soil that has enough nutrients as well as excellent drainage. It is necessary that we sow the bulbs to an approximate of 10 centimeters and these have to be upwards.

This is a plant that we must water very frequently, therefore we must avoid at all times that the soil of it is dry, however we must avoid excess waterbecause the plant could rot.

Therefore we can say that for a good development of the forest hyacinth plant It is necessary that there is a humidity that is around 70 or 80% and for the plant to reach its flowering stage it is necessary that the bulb has to spend some time at a low temperature.

Characteristics, cultivation and care of the forest hyacinth

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