How to care for hydrangea in winter?

These are plants that require a lot of care frequently so that in this way they can maintain their beauty, so if you do not receive the indicated care, serious damage can occur, because hydrangeas are very delicate.

hydrangeas are planted in September

If we have them inside the home, we can place them near a window and in this way we let the movement that the earth makes in a natural way can deflect the sun’s rays, therefore it would not be necessary to be concerned about moving our hydrangeas very often every day, since it will receive the required sunlight.

Another important thing that we must keep in mind is the temperature of the environment, because this it is a plant that we cannot subject to temperatures that are too highFor this we have to place them somewhere that allows it to receive a little air at night. Therefore, it is important to emphasize that we have to avoid closed places such as rooms.

It is very important that our hydrangeas have the amount of water neededHowever, we should not abuse when watering them, since in this way we prevent the roots from rotting.

To water them we can help ourselves with a small water sprayer, we spray the leaves and flowers at least twice every dayIn this way we allow our plant to remain with sufficient humidity. On the other hand, in the roots we must bear in mind that we do not have to add too much water, only the amount required so that the roots have sufficient moisture avoiding puddles.

Another important point that we can mention for winter care is the how to take care of the pot and the soil of the hydrangeasbecause we have to be very attentive constantly to avoid the growth of any kind of weeds around it. This is an important factor since we prevent the plant from losing energy.

In the same way we have to dedicate ourselves to prune the stemsthus leaving a number no greater than a number of four stems in our hydrangea plant so that we can maintain control of its size, in addition to maintaining a much more leafy and striking plant when observing it.

Patio with hydrangeas

This is a plant that is not only sensitive to warm temperatures but also very cold temperatures. In winter we must not only take into account all the elements that we have mentioned, the main thing is to avoid low temperatures of this season, so we have to place our hydrangeas in a place that is cool so that in this way we can avoid that the cold causes them any damage.

We must try that the place inside our home and where we have the hydrangea pot, receives the amount of light needed as we have already mentioned.

How to care for hydrangea in winter?

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