The bulbous flowers are very pretty, and many of them also have a very pleasant aroma. But, is it true that in order to enjoy them they have to be planted in the ground? The reality is that it doesn’t have to. In fact, you can have a very cheerful balcony, patio or terrace thanks to them.

How? Very simple: knowing how to plant bulbs in pots. From there everything will go smoothly. Discover what steps do you have to follow in order to have a spring or summer full of flowers.

What do I need to plant bulbs in pots?

Before doing anything, it is important to prepare everything you will need to plant your bulbous flowers, which is:

  • Pot with drainage hole / sLike this here! . It should measure at least 10,5cm in diameter by about the same depth.
  • Watering can with agua
  • Mix of substrates that facilitates drainagelike the universal mixed with perlite in equal parts. You can buy the first here! and the second here!.
  • Bulbseither spring (tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, etc.) or summer (dahlias, buttercups, lilies, …). Remember to plant them three months before flowering.
  • (OPTIONAL): labels to put the name of the flower

What steps must be followed to plant them?

Now that you have it all it’s time to follow this step by step:

  1. The first thing to do is fill the pot with the mixture of substrates as far as necessary depending on the size of the bulb, since if it is about 2cm high, it has to be planted about 4-5cm deep.
  2. Then the bulb is placed in the center of the pot.
  3. Next, the pot is finished filling.
  4. Finally, it is watered and placed in semi-shade or in full sun.

If you are interested in having many bulbs together, I recommend planting them leaving a distance of 1-2 centimeters between them.

Pink tulip

Enjoy your bulbs.