How to water the flowers in winter?

Flowers in winter have to face a serious problem: low temperatures. The petals are generally very delicate and sensitive to cold, and much more to frost, so the watering has to be done bearing in mind a series of things that I am going to tell you next.

It is so important to know how to water flowers in winterthat it may even be necessary to know the degrees centigrade that the water has.

Water with warm water

Yes, I know: you are not one of those who gives much importance to the temperature of the water. I didn’t give it to him either, really. But It is very important, especially if we live in an area where winters are very cold, that we temper it a little -between 35 and 37ºC- before watering the plants that we have at home, since they are species that come from tropical areas and, therefore, are very cold.

Remember to remove the excess water from the plate

If we have potted flowers, and this one on a plate We must remember to remove the water that has been left over from itAs otherwise the roots will have a greater chance of rotting.

Check the moisture of the soil before watering

Before watering, you have to check the humidity of the soil, especially if you are going to water indoor plants and / or if you have doubts. Failure to do so can cause them a lot of problems, so much so that we could lose them. To avoid this, we can do several things:

  • Using a digital moisture meter: it will tell us instantly if the soil that has come into contact with it is wet or dry. To make it more useful, it must be introduced in other areas (closer to the plant, further away …).
  • Weigh the pot once watered and again after a few days: wet soil weighs more than dry soil, so this difference in weight can serve as an indicator.
  • Introduce a thin wooden stick: when you extract it, if it comes out with a lot of adhering soil, it means that you don’t have to water

If your plant is flowering, fertilize it

Producing flowers is a significant energy expenditure for the plant. To get her healthy and strong It must be paid with a liquid fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium following the indications specified on the product’s packaging.. In this way, I can assure you that he will have enough strength to take out a greater number of beautiful flowers.

Pink hyacinth flower

I hope that with these tips you can enjoy your flowers all winter .

How to water the flowers in winter?

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