Selection of flowers for a winter garden

During the winter, the vast majority of plants are asleep, without flowers or almost fruits, but there are some that, on the contrary, are now when they resume their growth and produce very bright and cheerful colored petals.

Although there are few, we we have selected for you the most beautiful flowers for a winter garden so you can have it full of life even in the “darkest” and coldest season of the year.

Flower selection


Wallflower, one of the most popular winter flowers

The wallflower, whose scientific name is Matthiola Incanais a perennial herbaceous plant (rarely annual) that reaches a height of up to 80 centimeters. It can be both in full sun and in semi-shade, although it will produce a greater quantity of flowers if it is exposed to the star king directly.


Crocus, a flower that sprouts in winter

El saffron, whose scientific name is Crocus sativusis a bulbous plant native to East Asia. Reaches a height of about 20-25 centimetersand produces very pretty purple flowers in winter. Due to its size, it is ideal to have in small corners of the garden, creating for example natural rugs.


Calendula officinalis, one of the first to flower

La calendula, whose scientific name is Calendula officinalisis a herbaceous perennial grown as an annual native to the Mediterranean region. Reaches a height of between 20 and 55 centimetersand produces flowers very similar to those of daisies, but orange. It can be had both in full sun and in semi-shade.


Chrysanthemum, a plant that blooms in winter

El chrysanthemum, belonging to the genus Chrysanthemum, is a herbaceous perennial native to Asia and northeast Europe that reaches a height of up to 1,5 meters. It produces very diverse flowers: single or double, pink, yellow, white, red, bicolor … There is such a variety that having a garden full of life at the beginning of winter will not be difficult at all. You just have to choose where you want to put them and plant them.


White daisy, a common but very pretty herbaceous

La margarita, whose scientific name is Perpetual warsis a very common herbaceous in the open fields, meadows and abandoned lands of the temperate regions of the Old Continent. Reaches a height of up to 80 centimeterswith branching stems that fill with beautiful flowers in late winter and spring. Plant it in full sun to enjoy its beauty.


Pansy flowers, ideal for decorating the garden

El thought, whose scientific name is Viola x Wittrockianais a hybrid herbaceous grown as an annual. Reaches a height of about 20-25 centimetersand is one of the first to bloom. In fact, it is not surprising to see urban gardens and planters decorated with this plant during winter. In addition, it can be both in sunny places and in semi-shade.

What care do you need?

Let's crystallize in a beautiful garden

As you can see, there are several flowers that appear during winter. But, do you want to know what care to provide them so that they are really beautiful? If so, take note of our advice and show off your garden even during the coldest time of the season:


It will depend on the species. Most want sunbut there are others like chrysanthemums or pansies that can be in semi-shadow. As they have shallow roots, you can put them where you like them most without fear that they will cause you problems.


Is indifferent. They will grow well in any type of soil as long as it has good drainage. Anyway, so that they have a better development, it is advisable to make the planting hole and mix the soil that you have removed with a handful of organic compost, such as manure or worm castings. Thus, a few days after planting they will continue to grow.


Again, it will depend on the species, but usually you will need to water once or twice a week at most. Of course, if you live in an area whose winters are very mild and even warm, it may be necessary to water 3 times a week.


From the week of having planted them, and if you have forgotten to fertilize the soil or have preferred not to do so, You can fertilize your flowers with organic fertilizers or with those liquids that you will find in the nurseries. In the case of opting for the latter, it is important that you follow the instructions specified on the product packaging.


Pruning plants that bloom in winter It consists only of removing the dry, diseased or weak leaves and also the withered flowers. With this, you will greatly prevent parasites that cause pests, such as mealybugs or aphids, may affect them.

Other tasks

Apart from the basic tasks, there are others that you have to do, such as remove wild grass. Many insects that cause problems for plants hide between the leaves of the grass to jump on our plants as soon as they become weak. And that’s not to mention that, if we left them, we could get to have a garden of grass. Therefore, you have to root it out, either with a gloved hand or with a small hand hoe.

Likewise, If you have dogs and you don’t want your plants to destroy you, you will have to put up a physical barriersuch as a mesh (wire mesh) around it or else stones that are large and heavy sprayed with repellants for dogs.

Chrysanthemums are very pretty flowers

Has it been of interest to you? Do you know other flowers for a winter garden?

Selection of flowers for a winter garden

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