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Garden flowers are precious plantswhich become even prettier at some point in the year. Therefore, it is very interesting to have some to give color and life, and incidentally to attract some beneficial insects that can help us, and a lot, in the garden.

If you are starting with your little paradise, you are probably looking for perennials, that is, that live several years. So here are a few flowers that will bring out their best for several seasons.


Coreopsis verticillata

The coreopsis is a plant that produces fantastic yellow flowers during the spring and part of the summer. It develops stems that reach a height of 50 centimeters, which is why it is an ideal choice for borders. It must be placed in full sun and watered about three times a week during the warmer months and somewhat less the rest..


Echinacea purpurea

La Echinacea It is a herbaceous plant whose flowers, which sprout in summer, are very beautiful. It reaches a height of about 70 centimeters and loves direct sun; in fact, in order for it to grow well, it must be placed in an area where it is directly exposed to the sun. Withstands drought, but it is convenient to water it regularly so that it can produce many flowers.


Geranium in bloom

Geraniums are herbaceous or shrubby plants whose flowers bloom for much of the year, from spring to late summer. They reach a height that ranges from 30cm to one meter, depending on the species. They can be both in the sun and in semi-shade, and they need frequent waterings in summer -avoiding waterlogging- and some other pruning to control their growth.


Paeonia Red Emperor

The perennial peony is bushy in shape and reaches 2 meters in height. From late spring to early summer, it produces large flowers in a wide variety of colors such as red, pink or white. It likes the sun, although in warm climates like the Mediterranean it grows best in semi-shade. You have to water it about 4 times a week during the summer months and every 4-5 days the rest.


Yellow rose bush, a very resistant plant

El rosebush It is a very popular shrub for its easy cultivation and its wonderful flowers that bloom from spring to almost fall. They reach a height between 20cm and 1m depending on the species and / or cultivar, but their care is the same: sun or semi-shade, lots of water (without puddling the earth) and pruning regular.

Which of these garden flowers did you like the most?

The best garden flowers | Gardening On

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