The ‘Mister Lincoln’ rose, the one that will perfume your home the most

The roses are all beautiful: some white, some pink, some bicolor… without forgetting the red ones. Of the latter, the ‘Mister Lincoln’ is one of the most beloved, since its perfume is really intoxicating.

Its maintenance and care is not difficult, which makes having it a great experience. Let’s see what the rose ‘Mister Lincoln’ looks like.


The rose ‘Mister Lincoln’ is actually a cultivar originating in 1950’s California. At that time, the American rose growers Herbert C. Swim and OL Weeks wanted to cross two hybrid roses, the Chrysler Imperial tea rose and the ‘Charles Mallerin’ rose. Thus they were able to obtain a rose of an intense color that gives off a very pleasant aroma.

However, despite his achievements, They did not register it until 1964 with the name of the one who was the sixteenth president of the countryAbraham Lincoln, who was assassinated on April 15, 1865. Once registered, the ‘Mister Lincoln’ rose quickly became popular, first in its place of origin and soon after in the rest of the world.


It is a rose bush with characteristics very similar to those of the rest of the cultivars that we find for sale in any nursery or garden store. In fact, what can make it different is its height, which is between 90cm to 2m, and its dark green leaves a little shiny.

Otherwise, blooms throughout the yearespecially in spring and summer. Its roses are normally red, but there are also other shades such as light yellow. Of course, its aroma is unmatched .


Rosa 'Mister Lincoln'

The care of the rose ‘Mister Lincoln’ are the following:

  • Location: outside, in full sun.
  • Soil or substrate: it is indifferent as long as it has good drainage and is rich in organic matter.
  • Irrigation: frequent. You have to water 3-4 times a week in summer and every 3-4 days the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: from spring to summer with a specific fertilizer for rose bushes.
  • Planting or transplanting time: in spring.
  • Pruning: at the end of winter it must be pruned drastically, lowering its height to slightly less than half, and removing all dry, diseased or weak branches. Throughout the year you have to remove the withered flowers.
  • Rusticity: withstands cold and frosts down to -4ºC.

Enjoy your plant .

The ‘Mister Lincoln’ rose, the one that will perfume your home the most

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