Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of July

The intense heat and the lack of rain have already arrived. In the month of July, temperatures rise to unexpected levels and to this we add the number of hours of sunshine throughout the day and the lack of water. We must also add to the loss of water that plants experience during photosynthesis in […]

How to grow the Iris flower?

Those who are flower lovers know what plant this is and there is no one who overlooks the charms of this flower, this being one of the most delicate species and beautiful of nature. Because of their appearance, they are usually confused with orchidsHowever, they have small details that make them unique and special plants, […]

How to store the bulbs?

Ornamental bulbous plants, as their name suggests, have the peculiarity of producing really beautiful flowers. Although they remain open for no more than a few weeks, their beauty is such that it is not surprising that collecting bulbs easily becomes a hobby. But what do you do when the blooming season comes to an end? […]

How to fertilize flowers | Gardening On

The flowers are so beautiful that you want to see them throughout the year, something that is easy to get, since We just have to acquire them taking into account the season in which their wonderful petals sprout. And we will have it even easier if we choose those whose flowering season lasts practically the […]

How to create a flowerbed for the garden

If you have a garden one of the things you can create is a flower bed. A grouping of flowers that grow more or less to the same height and that will brighten the place with their colorful petals, at the same time that they will attract beneficial insects, such as bees or elegant butterflies. […]

Is it possible to water orchids with ice?

The orchid is considered as a special plant that requires proper care so that its flowers and its appearance continue to look splendid. They are plants that we can say that they are somewhat difficult to maintainbut the most common species can be taken care of simply at home without having to realize that our […]

The color of tulips and its meaning

If there is a flower that I like is the tulip, who does not like red tulips? I remember being surprised by the huge fields of multicolored tulips in Holland, although I also enjoy those tulips that alone inhabit a vase. The tulips they are exquisite plants but also difficult to grow. The art of […]

When are geraniums and gypsies pruned?

Geraniums and gypsies are great plants: they produce flowers for a good part of the year and do not require much care to be great. However, one of the most necessary tasks that anyone who grows them has to do is prune them if they want to get a greater quantity of precious flowers. But […]

Agerato, the most striking flower

Plant ageratusalso known as Damasquino, is one of the most cultivated herbs in all the temperate and warm regions of the world. Its curious and showy flowers grouped in inflorescences in the shape of a compact umbel with a more or less spherical shape during spring and summer, a few months in which the garden […]

What is the care for Sparaxis tricolor?

The Tricolor sparaxis is a bulbous plant that produces small but very pretty flowers that appear during the spring. Although it does not have a considerable height, it is very well planted in groups with other flowers, or to decorate patios and terraces. Its care is so simple, that it is a species suitable for […]

Why does my geranium have yellow leaves?

The geraniums They are very easy to grow flowers that brighten up our patio or garden for much of the year. In addition, they are very inexpensive, so that beautiful compositions can be created together with other varieties or other types of low plants. However, sometimes problems do occur, and it is no wonder that […]

Crossandra, flowers for the whole year

The Crossandra is about a perennial species and subshrub, belonging to the family acanthaceae, which is considered as herbaceous frequently; it is usually quite grown in both gardens and tropical indoors around the world, due to its beautiful flowering and easy maintenance and is that the Crossandra is often used frequently in order to decorate […]

How to transplant an orchid

Orchids are flowers that, who more who less, has had from time to time in their home. They are very beautiful and elegant, formed by delicate petals dyed in very cheerful colors. But, in addition to watering them, another thing to do to be able to show them off is to provide them with a […]

Uses and characteristics of the zucchini flower

Today we are going to talk about the zucchini flower. Belonging to the cucurbit family, the pumpkin pie it has a fairly fine and delicate flavor, reminiscent of white flowers and almonds. In addition, This flower looks quite elegant and is used in many kitchens around the world. Do you want to know its characteristics […]

Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of September

With the arrival of the month of September we say goodbye to summer and we welcome autumn. The temperatures begin to drop and the nights are cooler. After a harsh summer in which plants suffer from intense sun, high temperatures, water shortages and loss of water due to evapotranspiration, now the time for the rains […]

How to plant Astrantia Major or Astrancia?

The Astrance it is a herbaceous plant with a lot of aroma and that belongs to the family of apiaceaea plant commonly found in Central European areas and in the Southeastern areas of the Caucasus. It is commonly known by the name of Astrancia, Cortusa or also as Saniculus female, this being a characteristic plant […]

Is the meaning of the white lily

The lily is one of the flowers that represents one of the oldest symbols that can exist and is that in what is the Greek mythologythere are many comments about him white lily. Also Christianity mentions and possesses the white lily as a symbol that is linked to the Virgin Mary. Usually this is a […]

The most fragrant roses | Gardening On

When we think of roses, it is very common that we perceive a wonderful aroma. When we see them, our first reaction is usually to bend down a little to inhale their perfume. Some of them smell so good that contests are even held to determine which one smells the most pleasant. Getting them is […]

How to multiply fuchsias by cuttings

Our fuchsias They are shrubs with beautiful flowers that love to be in places protected from sunlight. They can be grown indistinctly in a pot or in soil, as long as the soil in which their roots will grow is acidic. They are so easy to care for, that you can get new specimens of […]

Why do my orchid flowers fall off?

Orchids are one of the most beautiful flowering plants around. They produce beautiful flowers for much of the year, spring being their favorite season, but also their cultivation and maintenance is not very simple. They need lime-free water and protection against the cold and the sun’s rays in order to grow properlysomething that is not […]

8 Beautiful Balcony Flowers Suitable For Beginners

One of the beautiful things that cities and towns have are the balconies full of flowers. Amid all the tar and concrete, it is nice to see some green in the streets. Do you think the same? If so, and you just moved in and / or want to give your home a new and […]

How to reproduce orchids? | Gardening On

That is probably the million euro question. How to reproduce orchids? The truth is that it is very difficult. It is very, very, very difficult to get a new specimen from the plant that you take so much care at home. But it’s not impossible. Still, I anticipate that for seeds it is not possible. […]

What is the care of chrysanthemums?

Chrysanthemums are plants that produce such elegant and beautiful flowers during the summer and fall that it is very difficult to look away when we come across them in nurseries or garden stores. They are the perfect size to be able to grow them in pots, so they can be used to decorate any corner. […]

Is it possible to plant flowers in winter?

Do you like flowers? Whether you have a garden, patio or balcony, you can have it perfectly decorated with these plants. Its cheerful and colorful petals not only attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies, but also our eyes. But we often think that with the arrival of the cold, we already have to […]

Dendrobium, an easy maintenance orchid

The orchid Dendrobium it is, along with Phalaenopsis, one of the most popular. The beauty of its flowers and its easy maintenance make it a much loved plant for all those who start in the cultivation of this type of plant beings. However, if you want to have it perfect you have to know some […]

How to get the snowdrop to bloom?

Snowdrop is one of the most beautiful and elegant bulbous plants. Although it only grows to 15 centimeters in height, its delicate little white flowers create a spectacle like no other in early spring. But What care do we have to provide to be able to contemplate its beauty? They are not complicated, but to […]

Selection of red flowers for your terrace or garden

Red is a color that draws a lot of attention to humans. We do not know if it is because it is the color of the substance that gives us life, or because we have given it a very important meaning for our relationships, such as true love. What we can tell you is that […]

How to care for orchids in winter?

Orchids are plants that live in the tropical and subtropical rainforests of the world, which means that unfortunately they can’t stand the cold, much less frost. For this reason, when we buy a copy with the arrival of winter it is usually quite ugly, and we often have to discard it. Or that was what […]

How to decorate a table with natural flowers

The flowers are beautiful, very ornamental. Being so brightly colored they help us to have a perfectly decorated table, any type of table. Whether in the living room, kitchen or dining room, they look great in any corner. But Do you know how to decorate a table with natural flowers? If you have doubts, follow […]

What are inflorescences? | Gardening On

The flowers are wonderful. Whatever the color or colors, appearing alone or in groups, with larger or smaller petals … they all have something special. But, Do you know what inflorescences are? We are used to seeing plants that produce more or less separated flowers. However, there are others that produce them in a different […]

Are there green flowers? | Gardening On

It is very difficult to find plants with green flowers, since that is the color of the leaves, so pollinating insects can be confused. But that it is not easy to find them does not mean that they do not exist. In fact, there are some that are really very prettyso much so that you […]

Steps to follow to make a bouquet of flowers

Surely you have ever had to make a bouquet of flowers and you have not even known where to start. Well today we are going to tell you how to prepare a bouquet of flowers. From how to choose them, the colors that come in handy, to some tricks to get perfect bouquets. Do you […]

Selection of beautiful flowers to decorate the interiors

Surely we have ever wanted to decorate our house with some plants. They provide an environment more diverse, striking and natural. However, it is difficult to choose which are the best plants for our house, depending on the type, color, space and care it needs. Here we are going to give you a small selection […]

Types of homemade fertilizers for rose bushes

Rose bushes are widely used in gardening shrubs: whether grown in pots or gardens, in groups or as isolated specimens, the reality is that they are beautiful anywhere. In addition, they have the added advantage that they are very easy to care for. However, What types of homemade fertilizers for rose bushes can we give […]

How can we plant a bare root rose bush?

If we live in an area of ​​the country where the earth does not have the ability to freeze, the best season in which we can plant a rose bush It is in the winter. If we cannot do this task in this season, it is best to do it in the first months of […]

Brighten your life with petunia

The petunia It is a herbaceous plant that produces very decorative flowers practically all year round. Growing just up to two feet tall, it can be grown both in pots and in the garden, creating fantastic floral rugs. Its cultivation and maintenance is simple, but so that you do not have any problems we are […]

Cornflower, the most striking blue flower

Do you know the cornflower plant? It produces small but incredibly pretty flowers, an intense blue that attracts a lot of attention. It doesn’t grow much; in fact, you can have it in a pot and enjoy it throughout the season, or in the garden creating a spectacular floral carpet. Its maintenance and cultivation is […]

Enjoy the full potential of the yellow daisy

There is a good chance that you ask yourself what does it mean Euryops pectinatusWell, this is the scientifically named name what is given to daisies and due to the title, we want to inform the potential that it has and how you can take advantage of the best of it in winter, since it […]

Selection of bulbous plants that need little light

We tend to think that ornamental flowering bulb plants have to be exposed to direct sunlight, which, I am not going to fool you, it is true but only partially. There are several bulbous plants that need little light. There are not many, but the ones that exist are enough to have a very special […]

Jasmine cuttings | Gardening On

Jasmine is a long-lasting fairly hardy plant and with a delicious aroma that can grow quite fast. This is a kind of floral vine that needs a support that is vertical for its growth to be indicated, since it usually does not cause inconveniences and it is very simple to take care ofapart from the […]

Characteristics of pankration, a spectacular bulbous

If you live near the coast and you love bulbous, then you can not stop having the pancreatic. It produces quite large and very pretty white flowers, which you can even cut and keep in a vase for several days without spoiling. The cultivation is not complicated, although it is that it is convenient to […]

Nemesia, a plant with spectacular flowers

If you like smallish plants with brightly colored flowers that are also easy to care for, you are sure to love the Nemesis. Although it has a drawback and that is that it is seasonal, it produces petals in such quantity that everything is compensated. So, if you want to discover it, you already know: […]

Tips for Planting Tulips | Gardening On

Tulips are one of the most beloved bulbous plants of spring. They produce flowers so beautiful and elegant that they could well look like a plant from children’s stories. Having a few is always a source of joy, since they are very easy to care for, but… how are they planted? Whether we want to […]

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