Plant ageratusalso known as Damasquino, is one of the most cultivated herbs in all the temperate and warm regions of the world. Its curious and showy flowers grouped in inflorescences in the shape of a compact umbel with a more or less spherical shape during spring and summer, a few months in which the garden and / or patio are full of life.

Do you want to know what its characteristics and its care are? If the answer is yes, you will surely like what you are going to read next .

How is the agerato?

Ageratum in bloom

The agerato, belonging to the genus Ageratum, of the compound family (Asteraceae), is a perennial or annual tropical herb native to America. Reaches a height of up to 75 centimetersand is often found growing in groups. Its leaves are opposite, cordate and oval in shape, hairy and tomentose, with serrated or serrated margins.

The flowers, as we mentioned at the beginning, sprout in spring and summer, when temperatures, both maximum and minimum, remain above 15ºC. These can be of different colors: pink, lilac, white, or more commonly, blue-lavender.

How do you take care of yourself?

Ageratum houstonianum in flower

If you would like to have a copy and you want to provide it with the best care, follow our advice:

  • Location: outdoors, in full sun or in semi-shade. It can also be indoors, with lots of light.
  • Soil or substrate: it is not demanding, but it must have good drainage to avoid rotting of the roots.
  • Irrigation: three times a week in summer, and once every six to seven days the rest of the year.
  • Subscriber: from spring until the flowers begin to wilt, with universal fertilizer for plants or with guano liquid, following the indications specified on the container.
  • Pruning: remove withered / dried flowers and leaves.
  • Multiplication: by seeds in late winter or early spring. Direct sowing in seedbed.
  • Pests: can be affected by White fly.
  • Uses: can be used as a cut flower.
  • Rusticity: does not support frost, only cold up to 4ºC.

Enjoy your Agerato .