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It is very difficult to find plants with green flowers, since that is the color of the leaves, so pollinating insects can be confused. But that it is not easy to find them does not mean that they do not exist. In fact, there are some that are really very prettyso much so that you can use them to decorate your garden or home.

So if you want to be able to enjoy the beauty of green flowers, take a look at the plant suggestions below.

Milkweed viridis

Asclepias viridis flowering plant

It is a perennial herb native to the southern and southeastern United States that reaches a height of about 50-60cm. Its leaves are lanceolate, up to 10cm long, and its beautiful green flowers are grouped in inflorescences known as umbels.

It grows in all types of soil, and also resists frost down to -3ºC. Place it in semi-shade and give it three weekly waterings and a few less the rest of the year so that it can produce these wonderful flowers.

Ceropegia sandersonii

Ceropegia sandersonii plant

It is a plant succulent pendant and evergreen Native to Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland known as a parachute plant, fountain flower, and umbrella plant. It has very thin stems, less than 0,5cm thick, with almost no leaves. The funnel-shaped greenish-white flowers are 5 to 7cm long.

To have it perfect, simply you have to plant it in a pot with universal substrate mixed with 40-50% perliteplace it in full sun, water it very little and protect it from the cold.

And so on

Hacquetia apipactis flower

It is a plant that could well be taken from a story. It is native to Europe, grows to 10cm tall and produces spectacular yellow or green flowers. For all these reasons, it is perfect to have in a pot, in a very bright area but protected from direct sun.

It resists the cold without problems, but not the drought, so that it is necessary to water it often avoiding waterlogging.

Ornithogalum longibracteatum

Inflorescence of the Ornithogalum longibracteatum plant

It is a bulbous succulent plant Originally from South Africa known as Lucky Onion or Bottled Love. It has lanceolate leaves that, as they grow, become arched and pendulous, reaching 1 meter in length. The flowers are grouped in spike-shaped inflorescences, and are shaped like a white star with green lines.

It is very easy to take care of since all it needs is a lot of sun and little water. And if that was not enough, resists up to -4ºC.

Do you know of other plants that produce green flowers?

Are there green flowers? | Gardening On

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