How to multiply fuchsias by cuttings

Our fuchsias They are shrubs with beautiful flowers that love to be in places protected from sunlight. They can be grown indistinctly in a pot or in soil, as long as the soil in which their roots will grow is acidic.

They are so easy to care for, that you can get new specimens of your plant in no time. You do not believe me? Discover how to multiply fuchsias by cuttings.

When can you get fuchsia cuttings?

To have a greater probability of success, it is best to get the cuttings in spring. During this season, the twig will have a lot going for it: a climate that is not excessively hot but not too cold, a high humidity, and a pot with a substrate that will remain humid for several days, thus allowing the new roots to sprout without much difficulty. .

Thus, when the minimum temperature begins to rise above 15 degrees Celsius, you can cut with scissors previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol the twigs whose length is about 20 centimeters that you will use as cuttings.

How are the cuttings planted?

Once you have the cutting, the first thing you have to do is moisten the base with water and impregnate it with powdered rooting hormones that you will find for sale in any nursery or garden store. Then, make a hole in the center of the pot that you will have filled with universal growing substrate mixed with perlite in equal parts, and introduce the cutting, each one in a container.

As fungi can seriously harm you, it is very important that you sprinkle the earth with copper or sulfur. This will prevent them from appearing. And finally, you just have to water and put it in a place protected from direct sun.


If all goes well, in about 15 days it will emit new roots and you will have a new fuchsia .

How to multiply fuchsias by cuttings

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