Is it possible to water orchids with ice?

The orchid is considered as a special plant that requires proper care so that its flowers and its appearance continue to look splendid. They are plants that we can say that they are somewhat difficult to maintainbut the most common species can be taken care of simply at home without having to realize that our orchid is getting sick or wilting.

In general, these types of plants represent a good gift for many people, however, as the days go by, we can realize that the plant begins to lose its flowersbut it is a natural process of it.

Characteristics and types of orchids

water with ice

Although they are plants a bit delicate in maintaining their care, It is important to point out that we must know a little about these plants and the necessary care before knowing if it is possible to water orchids with ice.

The orchid is a climbing flower that we know from its tropical origin and belongs to the family of the Orchidaceae.

They are plants that have narrow leaves and elongated-looking flowers that are characterized by the striking colors they have. In addition, this type of flower is hermaphroditic, it is composed of three sepals, two petals and the labeo which is the area where the flower is pollinated by insects and certain birds.

There are different types of orchids taking into account their colors, sizes and other characteristics that differentiate them from each one and among the species that we can mention we have:


These species have their origin in the tropics and they cover more than 90% of the total species in general.

This type of orchid has its roots attached to the trees and does not need much water because they absorb it through the airIn addition, the flowers they have can be found alone or in groups, among which we can mention of this genus are Cattleya, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Odontoglossum, Miltonia, Oncidium and Vanda.


They are common species in cold climates and its roots feed directly from the earthbeing able to develop tubers due to the union of the roots and that provides protection to this type of climate. Among the main ones that we can mention are the Chloraea, Cyclopogon and Cranichis.


These plants are attached to the groundbut its aerial roots allow its stem to climb the trees until it reaches the high branches and we can mention vanilla among them.


Orchids require special care, they are plants that need places with lots of lightbut that the rays of the sun do not receive them directly, they must be located in areas with enough ventilation and sufficient humidity. To water these plants, we must take into account that it must be done in a daily and abundantbut without the plant having excess water.


Orchids are plants that should be transplanted every two years approximately so that the soil where it is found does not lose all its nutrients if it is terrestrial and in addition to this, should be pruned frequently to be able to control growth properly.

If for any reason the time you have available to take care of your orchids is reduced and at some point you have looked for information about whether it is possible to water orchids with icein this article we show you that this is an impossible alternative.

There are people who usually use this method, but being such a delicate plant, with the ice we would be burning the roots, which would end up killing it.

We can tell you that there are people who use this type of method to water orchids and other plants, but in the end they end up realizing that the only thing they do with this is harm the plant, in this case the orchid.

Is it possible to water orchids with ice?

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