Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of July

The intense heat and the lack of rain have already arrived. In the month of July, temperatures rise to unexpected levels and to this we add the number of hours of sunshine throughout the day and the lack of water.

We must also add to the loss of water that plants experience during photosynthesis in summer, due to the high rate of evaporation of water. For this reason, plants in summer reduce their hours of photosynthesis to the first hours of the morning when the sun rises. Still, and despite these negative circumstances, there are many plants that bloom in the month of July.

Plants that bloom in the month of July

During the month of July the flowering of some plants that started a month or two ago still persists, such as: hebes, hypericum, astilbes and geraniums. In addition to these plants, the following plants bloom throughout the month of July:

Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla)

These plants are very attractive to decorate thanks to their beautiful and colorful flowers. They hate limestone terrain and require a temperate climate. To take care of them this month it is necessary to water it abundantly.

hydrangeas bloom in July

AcanthusBear’s breeches)

This plant has very showy and huge leaves and flowers too. Normally, these plants prefer the cooler and shady places where there is more humidity in the environment. They require a temperate climate and are quite resistant to frost (unlike hydrangeas). To reproduce it, we must do it by root cuttings. It is done very easily and requires little special care.

The queen’s earringsFuchsia)

These are small deciduous shrubs that bloom throughout the summer (they begin to bloom now in July) and also do so during part of the fall. For these shrubs to grow in ideal conditions They require acidic soils and isolate it from frost in winter. To avoid this, while they are growing, it is better to grow them in pots and protect them from low temperatures. They have to be pruned fairly hard in spring to keep them compact and in good condition.

They require acidic soils and isolate it from frost in winter.

Flower begonias (semperflorens begonias)

These plants bloom during the summer and part of the fall, although in winter they lose their aerial part due to the cold. When spring begins, they return to have the flowers. This plant is also called sugar flower. It requires a warm and humid climate to live in good conditions and prefers places that have shade.

This plant is also called sugar flower.

Marjoram (oregano marjoram)

It is similar to oregano and is a perennial annual that blooms now in summer. It is quite aromatic and its uses are clearly culinary and medicinal in nature. This plant grows preferably in limestone soils.

It is similar to oregano and is a perennial annual plant

Gladioli (gladioli)

These are bulbous plants with large and quite decorative flowers. They adapt to almost any type of terrain although they prefer the most acidic soils. They resist well being in full sun.

bulbous plants with large and quite decorative flowers.

The spirea of ​​Japan (Japanese spirea)

This is also a small deciduous shrub although quite hardy. It has very soft and delicate flowers similar to lace. Requires very little caresince we only have to prune it from time to time to eliminate the oldest branches and those that are already dry, so that it remains healthier and more attractive.

Requires very little care

Hibiscus (Syrian hibiscus)

These are also deciduous shrubs with good frost resistance. These shrubs have a curiosity that makes them more special, and that is that their flowers only last one day. However, as they are so abundant, it remains full of flowers throughout this month of July and August.

it remains full of flowers throughout this month of July and August.

The oleanders (nerium oleander)

They are beautiful evergreen shrubs that, although they are typical of a temperate climate, they resist frosts down to -8 degrees. They adapt to all types of soil, withstand drought and bloom throughout the summer and fall.

They are lovely evergreen shrubs

Other wild and climbing plants that bloom in July

it is a climbing plant

Among the climbing plants that grow in this month of July we have:

  • Passionate
  • Mandeville
  • Solano

Among the wild plants we have:

  • Mullein
  • Wild St. John’s wort
  • Margaritas
  • Blackberry

blackberries are highly commercialized

Then we also have some trees that during this month are beautiful and they are chestnut trees and pomegranates.

What can we sow in July in our garden?

strawberries can be grown in summer

During the month of July there are many crops that we can sow in our garden. Among them we find: beans, beets, chicory, cauliflower, turnip, carrot, chard, spinach, corn, cabbage, parsley, radish, borage, onion, strawberries, lettuce, endive.

Tips for our garden in July

It should be watered more frequently in summer and avoid hot hours

In July we have to take into account a vital factor such as high temperatures, the high rate of evaporation of water and solar radiation. To do this, we give you some good advice:

padding of the ground to avoid excess evaporation

Padding of the terrain

  • We must keep the garden free of weeds. Now in summer, insect pests spread faster in the heat and if we have weeds in our garden, the insects will have a “home” where they can take refuge and attack our crops.
  • We can prune trees that have finished their flowering to keep them in good condition and clean the dried flowers to encourage the growth of new ones.
  • We have to bear in mind that we must increase irrigation due to high temperatures and hours of sunshine, but we have to avoid watering in the hottest hours so as not to lose water. Water in the morning around 8 in the morning and in the afternoon at 8 or 9.
  • To make compost more efficient, we have to reduce fertilizer dosesbut increase the frequency with which we pay. In this way, the soil can assimilate the nutrients more easily.

Gardening Sayings of the Month of July

sayings of the month of july

  1. For Santiago he paints the grape he paints the melon and also the peach.
  2. As much as it wants to be, in July there will be little rain.
  3. The farmer says to the wheat for July I wait for you friend.
  4. He who does not thresh in July does not thresh in August.
  5. In July the sickle in the fist.
  6. In July it is my wheat and in August it is my friend’s.
  7. If it rains in July the grass is reborn and the wheat is lost.
  8. In July to the high heat, white garlic and melon.
  9. If it rains in Santa Ana, it rains a month and a week.
  10. If they come alone in July, the fruit leaves their hands.
  11. July, the green and the ripe.

Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of July

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