Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of September

With the arrival of the month of September we say goodbye to summer and we welcome autumn. The temperatures begin to drop and the nights are cooler. After a harsh summer in which plants suffer from intense sun, high temperatures, water shortages and loss of water due to evapotranspiration, now the time for the rains to return begins.

In autumn there are many plants that bloom both in our garden and in the orchard. Autumn is the perfect time to make important changes in the aspects related to our plants. We can prepare and plant shrubs, plant cooler climate vegetables, we can make seedbeds, etc. We will also tell you the gardening proverb for the month of September. Do you want to know which plants bloom this month?

Plants that bloom in the month of September

We have to bear in mind that in the month of September the number of flowering plants decreases. The plants that give the garden the most color are the berries and small fruits of the bushes together with the leaves of deciduous plants. The grass also grows back after the summer heat and this makes a green contrast with the red and orange of the fruits and deciduous leaves.

In September, some bushes such as oleanders and climbing plants such as solano continue to bloom.


the mandevilla is very colorful

It is an evergreen climbing plant that has its second flowering in September.

semperflorens begonias

begonias grow in many places

These are small herbaceous plants that grow by themselves in crevices between the rocks and other places just as unlikely.

Blue sage

blue sage

This plant is very lively with very striking colors. However, it loses its aerial part in winter, although it returns to have it later.

Lantana camara

Lantana camara

This shrub is deciduous and has a fairly slow flowering, but it reaches its maximum splendor in the month of September.

Orchard panorama in September

orchard panorama in September

During this month of September, our orchard can have a totally different panorama than it has had it in summer. For example, if the typical summer plants such as tomato, eggplant, pepper, zucchini, etc. They were planted late yet have not been able to bear fruit. If the temperatures drop quickly and with the cold and the rains they can be spoiled.

As for what we can plant, we have new vegetables like spinach, radishes, lettuce, chard, cabbage, etc. If we already had artichokes planted, it is now when we can divide them and plant them during the next winter and spring harvest.

Some fruit trees such as the orange tree reach their maximum splendor on these dates. If we have horticultural crops that are already exhausted, we should eliminate them and take advantage of it to work the land and prepare it for the following crops.

Change in irrigation patterns

irrigation has to decrease in September

For the lawn of our garden that has suffered excess heat in summer creating clearer areas and other damaged areas. If we want to rebuild itThis is our moment.

Thanks to the drops in temperature, we will have to reduce the frequency with which we water the grass, avoiding that they are not wet at night. It is also a good time to start scarifying it to break up the “felt” of dead plant debris that forms on the surface of the soil. With this we will improve so much soil aeration and water absorption capacity. Carrying out good watering after scarification will improve the quality of the soil, the fertilizers will reach a greater depth and the lawn will improve significantly.

In the case in which areas with excess moisture remain with the irrigation and moss begins to grow, there are anti-moss products to control it.

Indoor plants in September

indoor plants in september

Indoor plants also have their times when they bloom and grow best. If we want to transplant some plants that need it, this is the time. Otherwise, we will have to wait for next spring.

To help them grow, we will fertilize it every two weeks with each watering. In addition, if they need it, it is the perfect time to prune or remove the leaves that are dry or the branches and trunks that will give it a more ugly appearance.

We can remove part of the upper substrate and replace it with a new one. If the substrate has a long time and we are not going to renew it, we can pierce it (puncture it) from the surface by way of scarification, to improve its aeration and water intake.

Plants that we can plant in our garden

hydrangeas are planted in September

In our garden, for these dates, we must eliminate the spring summer season plants such as petunias, dahlias, begonias, geraniums, etc. And we will start planting the fall and winter ones.

As for the bushes, you can plant some such as laurel, holly and piracanta. This is done on this date so that you can get stronger into next spring. We will be able, between this month and the next, all those bushes that bloom before budding, such as Intermediate Forsythia or hydrangeas.

We can also start with the seedlings of early flowering perennials and biennials such as calendula, pansy, wallflower, etc.

Gardening Sayings of the Month of September

Sayings of the month of September

  1. March and September are like brothers: some say goodbye to winter and another to summer.
  2. September is fruitful, happy and festive.
  3. By the summer of San Miguel there are fruits like honey.
  4. If September has no fruit, August is to blame.
  5. The September sun ripens the quince.
  6. September, with the quinces, colors the field yellow.
  7. If it starts to rain in September, it is fall for sure.
  8. Benign September, flowery October.
  9. For San Miguel, first the walnut, the chestnut later.
  10. If you want to sow, don’t sweat your brow even San Vicente.
  11. September rain is good for the vines and better for the plantings.
  12. Serene September, neither bad nor good

You already know which plants bloom on these dates and which crops to place in your garden. You should not forget that you have to change the irrigation patterns if we want our garden to adapt well to changes in temperature and humidity.

Sayings and plants that bloom in the month of September

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